April 19, 2024

MEIGS COUNTY, Ohio – It is a sound looked forward to throughout the county and region as sign Spring is finally on the way.

The deafening call of the northern spring peeper is a good sign that spring has arrived in Ohio. As its name suggests, the call of the spring peeper is a loud “peep” which well outweighs its small stature.

This member of the tree frog family grows to a mere 1.25” long but uses a single vocal sac to make high-pitched whistles which help to define territories and to attract mates. Spring peepers inhabit vernal pools, swamps, and flooded fields-places where fish cannot prey upon them. Because of their size and ability to go unseen, they are most often identified by their call, but they can also be distinguished by their light brown color and a dark “X” on their back.

Calling begins as soon as early March and continues through May when the majority of peeper breeding activity is complete.

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