June 21, 2024

Twenty-seven years ago I took my first steps into the profession of journalism. I have in one form or another plied this craft through the years. It was a different time then. Journalism is nothing like what it was when I started. The technology is not a problem as much as the way journalism is “done nowadays.”

There have been plans I have worked on to do so many things with journalism here in Meigs County. Unfortunately, there are several obstacles to those plans. One of them simply is financial support which has not been the same since COVID.

At the end of the day though, I am quite frankly tired. This is a far more ugly business than many realize. In my career, my family has been threatened, my home, and even my life. I have seen more twisted bodies at crash scenes and listened to more child abuse cases than I count anymore. It’s time to do something different.

As of this posting, I am retiring from journalism and I am closing down the Meigs Independent Press. I built it from nothing 11 years ago. It’s time.

I appreciate everyone of you that has ever taken the time to thank me, express gratitude for the MIP. Those words kept me going so many times when days were tough.

I also want to especially thank Racine Hardware for being so committed in their support. The Village Deli has also recently been a supporter. I thank others that have supported the MIP with advertising through the years.

I will still be engaged and involved as there are new things on the horizon for me.

As I turn 50 in a few short months, I feel this is the time to make a change for myself. As a journalist, I so often put off what would make me happy for this career. It has been a wild ride. I have no regrets, but it is time to say, “That’s All Folks!”