May 28, 2024

Bitanga’s Martial Arts Center announces belt promotions and award recipients

Students in the 3 p.m. group tested on June 24, 2017. Submitted photo.

MIDDLEPORT, Ohio – Bitanga’s Martial Arts Center held the summer belt exam on Saturday June 24, 2017, 45 students at Bitanga’s Martial Arts Center in Middleport, tested to receive their next belt and to compete for the top five places. Judges in attendance were head instructor Benjamin Nease, assistant instructor Jessica Coleman, assistant instructor Cindy Bowlings, Bitanga’s M.A.C. black belt Paul Madill and (Guest Judge) Tai-chi instructor Richard Chambers. The tests were split into two groups due to the amount of students up for promotion. All who tested were successful in earning their next belt.

Students promoted to yellow belt include Grayson Doczi, Colten Grubb, Rilee Derifield, Christopher Rupe, Brantley Sampson, Elijah Gregory, Thomas Dowell, Merissa Dowell, Luke Bryan Enright, Layne Hall, Layla Jenney, Isaiah Gregory, Isaiah Robert Day, Hunter Terry Day, Evan Christopher Davis, and Brody K. Beaver.

Students promoted to orange belt were Paige Dowell, Cord Slone, Mya Enslen, James Baughman, Zakaria George, Aggie Slone, and Kyndall K. Beaver.

Students promoted to purple belt include Waylon Smith, Sean Hornsby, Claire Ohlinger, Lincoln Milliron, Griffin Ohlinger, Logan Bolin, Kara Lucas, Connor Bolin, Bradlee Molden, and Derek Smith.

Green belt promotions include Walker Stanhope, Laila Gibbs, A.J. Newell, and Tressel James Leroy Gibbs.

Billy Goble was promoted to blue belt with one red stripe.

Students promoted to third degree brown belt include Stacy M. Eblin, Amanda Taylor, Janis Elaine Schmoll, and Julia Neal.

Cassandra Durham and Garrett Smith were promoted to the second degree brown belt.

Senior student Wesley Collins passed his third preparatory test for his black belt. His next test will be for his first degree black belt.

For the 11 a.m. group test, Walker Stanhope received fourth place, Derek Smith third place, Cassandra Durham second place, and Wesley Collins first place. Janis Elaine Schmoll took home Best of Test. Recipients of the Outstanding Student Award which is based on overall improvement during the three month training period were Billy Goble, Evan Davis, Hunter Day, Garrett Smith, Cassandra Durham, Lyndee Taylor, Kyndall Beaver, Brody Beaver, Kara Lucas, Janis Schmoll, Amanda Taylor, Stacy Eblin, Julia Neal, and Janice Boyd.

At the end of the 3 p.m. group test, A.J. Newell received fourth place, James Baughman third place, Zakaria George second place, and Tressel James Leroy Gibbs first place. Aggie Slone was the winner of the Best of Test trophy. For the younger group, recipients of the Outstanding Student Award were James Baughman, Mya Enslen, Zakaria George, Paige Dowell, Luke Enwright, Laila Gibbs, and Tressel Gibbs.