May 27, 2024


EDITOR’S NOTE: Everyday Meigs is a new feature for the Meigs Independent Press. Each week a person or place in Meigs County, Ohio will be described without revealing the name of said person or place. Readers are invited to guess the identity of the person or location described for one week. Readers must email their name and contact information along with their guess to [email protected] to participate. One correct answer will be randomly selected from all the correct guesses submitted. The winner will receive a prize for their correct answer. Please do not comment in the post on Facebook as they will not be counted. Each Monday a new person or location will be described and the previous week’s person or location will be revealed.

Everyday Meigs is about saluting those that work everyday in the county and to take notice of locations we may see everyday, but possibly take for granted. The Meigs Independent Press salutes those that work to make Meigs County a better place, everyday.

This week’s feature is a person.

How long have you lived in Meigs County? I moved to Meigs County in 1991.

What is your occupation? I am a Registered Nurse.

How long have you been working at your job/occupation? I have been a Registered Nurse since 2003, and at my current position since 2014.

What is something you like about your job/occupation? I like that I can be a comfort to others in their time of need and that sometimes I can make a difference in their life.

What was your first job? The first job I had was working in an accountant’s office as a secretary.

What village do you live near/in? I live near Rutland Village.

What is something you love about Meigs County? I love that Meigs County is a small community and I’ve been witness to the fact that the people of Meigs County can and do pull together to help those who need it.

What is something you would like to change about Meigs County? The increasing problem with drugs in our community and I would like to see more support for the children of our community.

Favorite festival or event in the county? My favorite is the Rutland Fourth of July celebration.

Do you volunteer in Meigs County, if so what organizations/church, how long? I am a member of Victory Baptist Church in Middleport.

Do you think you know this person that is part of Everyday Meigs? Remember to email your guess to [email protected]