June 17, 2024

Items found during a traffic stop on Mulberry Avenue in Pomeroy, Ohio on May 29, 2018. Submitted photo.

POMEROY, Ohio – A traffic stop has resulted in three people being taken into custody along with $3,000 cash and various types of drugs allegedly discovered in Pomeroy, Ohio.

According to Sgt. Anthony Woods with the Pomeroy Police Department, he made a stop following a traffic violation on May 29, 2018. A vehicle with three individuals was observed traveling on Mulberry Avenue coming into town and Sgt. Woods initiated the stop with the vehicle finally stopping on Mulberry Avenue.

One of the passengers was found to have an active warrant out of Athens County, Ohio.

Discovered as a result of the stop, allegedly, were seven ounces of crystal meth, nine grams of crack cocaine, a loaded syringe of heroine, $3,000 cash, several knives and machetes along with drug paraphernalia.

All three individuals are being charged, but the names of the individuals have not been released as of publication. Sgt Woods said the matter is still being investigated.