July 21, 2024

Elijah Roush, at right, with Steve Thaxton, PTA, Holzer Meigs Therapy Department. Submitted photo.

Elijah Roush, at right, with Steve Thaxton, PTA, Holzer Meigs Therapy Department. Submitted photo.

POMEROY, Ohio – In 2006, Elijah Roush suffered an accident while working, which resulted in shearing his spinal cord. As a result of his injury, he spent 12 years in a wheelchair. However, in late 2017, Elijah began to have some movement in his leg. “The doctors told me I would never walk,” he shared.  

However, today, Elijah is able to walk, and rebuild his life one step at a time. “I’m getting my life back. I am more motivated than ever before,” he stated. With the help of Holzer Therapy Department at the Meigs Clinic, Elijah has been working toward his goals. “The team has been awesome. It’s a family at the Clinic. Everyone has worked with me to get me where I am. If it wasn’t for God, my family, and the Holzer team, none of this would be possible.” 

Elijah’s accident lead him to receive services at several healthcare systems from Cleveland to Huntington, West Virginia. He’s had open heart surgery, been on a ventilator, fractured vertebrae in his neck twice and has received a spinal stimulator. “Being able to walk and do things again, it feels like a dream. I am able to help care for my father and have started “tinkering” on cars again. A lot of prayers and faith has gotten me to where I am,” he shared. 

Elijah is no longer on oral pain medication and continues his physical therapy at the clinic. “This year I am able to start hunting again and attended the fair this past summer. It meant so much to be able to go with my friends and help in the pits at the truck pull event. The last time I attended the fair, I was in a wheelchair.”

“As Elijah’s mom, I am so grateful for the Physical Therapy staff at Holzer Meigs,” shared Vickie Roush.  “His therapist, Steve, has been dedicated to getting Elijah to the point that he is today.  All of the staff have been like a cheerleading section!   Though there are times that he uses the wheelchair, walking has given Elijah a new lease on life.  It is so amazing to see the progress that he has made.”  

“I am so thankful,” shared Elijah. “And I want to send a special thank you to the staff of Holzer for their dedication to me and all their patients.”

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