Members of Southern FFA participate in Ag in the Classroom and make ice cream with students at Southern. Submitted photo.

Racine Southern Celebrates 2019 FFA Week

By Natalie Porter, Racine Southern FFA Historian

RACINE, Ohio – Each year, FFA chapters around the country celebrate National FFA Week. It is a time that information about FFA is shared.

The Racine Southern FFA Chapter celebrated National FFA Week February 18-22. On the February 19 at Southern, everyone dressed up for hunting season (camo) and 7th through 12th graders competed in the annual Ag Olympics. Ag Olympic games consisted of: corn shucking, plunger race, cabbage toss, lasso a cow, and marshmallow toss into a ice cream cone. The seniors was the winning class and will get their names engraved on the traveling Ag Olympics trophy.

On the February 20 everyone dressed up as cowboys and had a friendly game of capture the flag for 7th through 12th graders. Tyler Zimpfer, Ohio FFA Vice President at Large came to teach leadership type lessons in all of the agriculture courses throughout the school day. Eighth graders also came into explore the agriculture classroom/shop as FFA officers got to give them a short tour. Members also explained what they get to do while in an agriculture class along with joining FFA during 8th grade recruitment.

On the February 21 everyone dressed for FFA Day–National Blue/Corn Gold or Official FFA Dress. FFA Officers and members went to teach Southern’s 3rd graders Ag in the Classroom. Classes we went to were Ms. Bay, Ms. Hollie, and Ms. Thomas. Some of the fun agriculture lessons members taught the third graders included: building a barn where they had to make a barn out of marshmallows, gumdrops and spaghetti, and toothpicks to show how structures are made and discussed some of the construction projects members can make while in the shop classes. Members also made homemade ice cream and discussed the dairy industry. FFA members held an egg race and discussed the poultry industry. Also during the Ag in the classroom various interactive coloring pages to explore different aspects of agriculture besides plants and animals.

On the February 22, Southern hosted the second Annual Career Palooza where guest speakers came to discuss with Southerns 6th through 12th graders different career options for them. Presenters were able to tell their story on how they got to where they are to day; whether that be through a college degree, opening their own business, trade school or a certification. Students were exposed to several different career options in all of the career clusters.

Members and Southern students look forward to this week every year as a fun way to get the whole school involved and interested in Agriculture and joining FFA. Anyone interested in getting more information about the Southern FFA program or would like to become a part of the FFA alumni program, please contact FFA Advisor; Jenna Meeks at​. Members also ask readers to like them on their Facebook page at Racine Southern FFA or Ohio River Producers to follow their upcoming events.