June 21, 2024

Deputy’s Notebook: April 15-27, 2019

Editor’s Note: The Meigs County Sheriff’s Office Deputies respond to all sorts of calls. The notebook is a listing of the public record of those calls.

April 15, 2019

Alarm- Deputies responded to an alarm activation at a residence on SR681.  Residence was secure, unknown cause for the alarm activation. No further action required.

Domestic- Sgt Patterson and Deputy Campbell responded to a report of a man assaulting a woman at a gas station along SR7. When deputies arrived, the male subject had already left the scene. A report was taken, and charges were filed against the male subject.  

EMS Assist- Deputies responded to Gaston Road with Meigs EMS for a possibly suicidal subject. Upon speaking with the subject they were not suicidal and no further action was required.

Transport- Deputies transported one inmate from the Crawford County Jail to the Meigs County Jail.

April 16

Theft- Deputy Leggett is investigating the theft of a trail camera from a property in Reedsville.  A suspect has been identified and charges are pending.

Alarm- Deputies responded to an alarm activation at a residence on Old SR346.  The residence was secure, and it is believed to have been activated by a power surge in the area.

Domestic- Deputies responded to a report of a woman assaulting a male at a residence in Letart.  When units arrived, they spoke they spoke with all parties involved. The subjects wanted to separate for the night and no charges were filed.

Search Warrant- Deputies executed a search warrant at a residence on Ross Road. Jeremiah Roush and Randall Nichols were arrested on possession of controlled substance charges.

House Check- Deputies performed one house check.

April 17

Private Property Crash – Deputy Martin was dispatched to Meigs High School in reference to a two-vehicle crash. No injuries and only minor damage to both vehicles were reported.

Arrest Warrants- Deputies attempted multiple times to apprehend a subject on Kingsbury Road on multiple active arrest warrants. Each time deputies attempted to locate the subject they had fled the area prior to arrival. 

Domestic- Deputies were alerted to a possible domestic issue in Pageville. Upon speaking with the female subject, there was no violence that had occurred. The male party had left the area and was not located.

House Checks- Deputies performed two house checks.

April 18

Stolen Vehicle – Deputy Martin was dispatched to Darwin Road, Shade, Ohio in reference to a vehicle being stolen.

Criminal Damage- Deputies are investigating a report filed by a Racine resident, who reported that someone has busted out all the windows of an empty house on Tornado Rd that he owns. He had the windows replaced in the house with intentions of restoring the house for future use. Sometime in the last month all the windows were busted out.  Anyone with any information on this incident is asked to call 740-992-3371.

Breaking and Entering- Deputies are investigating a breaking and entering at the Sutton Township Garage.  When employees arrived at work, they noticed the lock missing from the door and the door was standing open.  After reviewing the security camera footage, they saw a White Chevy truck drive past the garage several times before stopping. A male subject exited the vehicle and cut the lock off the door and went back to his vehicle. Subject then returned from his vehicle with a pry bar and pried open the door of the garage.  After gaining entry the subject must have realized there were camera’s and an alarm, because the subject came running out of the garage, jumped in his vehicle and left the scene.  Anyone with any information on this incident is asked to call 740-992-3371

Theft- Deputies responded to a residence on Darwin Rd to take a report of a stolen vehicle. The owner reported that he and a friend was at the residence when they fell asleep.  When the owner woke up the frind and the vehicle was gone.  The owner thought the vehicle may be in Athens County.  Deputies had the vehicle entered into NCIC and notified Athens Co.  The vehicle was returned to the owner a couple days later who declined to pursue charges. The vehicle was removed from NCIC and no further action required.

Medic Assist- Dispatch received a call from EMS advising that they need a Deputy to secure the scene of a possible overdose on Vance Rd. A Deputy arrived and cleared the scene and advised the Medics it was safe to come on in. It was quickly determined to be solely a medical problem and not an overdose. No further action was taken by the Deputy on this call.

Suspicious Vehicle- Dispatch received a call from an employee of the Racine Library advising that the Library is closed, she had driven by and noticed lights on that should be off and a white van setting in the parking lot. A Deputy was dispatched and arrived on the scene. The van had already left the area, and an employee arrived to make sure everything was ok. The building was checked and found to be secure. No further action was taken on this call. 

Traffic stop resulting in a warrant arrest and possible drug charges- While on patrol Deputy Hill stopped a vehicle on Twp. Rd. 1012 in Pageville for no taillights. It was determined that the driver of the truck had a suspended driver’s license, and the passenger had a warrant for her arrest in Athens County. Athens County was contacted and advised that they wanted her taken into custody on their warrant. Denise A. Cotterill, 37, of Pageville, was taken into custody on the warrant and later transported to the county line and turned over to an Athens County Deputy. The driver, Travis J. Older, 35, of Pageville, was cited for driving under suspension and released at the scene. The truck was impounded and towed from the scene. While conducting an inventory of the truck before it was towed, Deputy Hill found a small baggie containing suspect illegal drugs and other items in the vehicle believed to be drug paraphilia. Lab results and charges are pending on the items found in the vehicle.

April 19

Alarm Drop-Dispatch received a call of a residential alarm on Salem School Lot Rd.  The homeowner also called and advised they were out of town and would like for it to be checked. A Deputy was dispatched and arrived on scene. The home was checked and found secure. No one was found in the area and no signs of attempted entry were noted. No further action was taken on this call.

April 20

Suspicious vehicle-Dispatch received a call from a female on SR.124 near Racine advising that there was a truck parked in the end of her driveway and would like a Deputy to check it out. Just before the Deputy arrived the complainant called again and said the truck had left. The Deputy was able to locate the truck and stopped it. The driver checked out fine and advised that he had pulled into the wrong driveway when dropping off a friend next door.

Alarm drop-Dispatch received a call of an alarm at the TNT Pitstop on Lower SR.7. A Deputy was dispatched and arrived on scene. The building was checked and found to be secure, and no one was located in the area. No further action was taken on this call.

April 21

Domestic-Dispatch received a call of a domestic on Darwin Rd. The caller advised it was between a grandmother and granddaughter. Deputies arrived on scene and spoke with all involved. It was determined that a crime of domestic violence had occurred. The primary aggressor in the incident was the juvenile granddaughter. The juvenile was arrested and taken to the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office and later released into the custody of her mother. Charges in this matter has been referred to Juvenile Court. Names not being released at this time due to juvenile involvement. 

April 22

Private Property Damage – Deputy Martin was dispatched to SR 7, Reedsville in reference to a vehicle driving off the roadway, striking a mailbox, damaging the ground and leaving the scene at some point the previous night.

Burglary- Deputies are investigating a burglary at a residence on Price Strong Rd.  There was some medicine and cash taken from the residence.  A suspect has been identified and the investigation continues.

Alarm- Deputies responded to Dollar General in Tuppers Plains in reference to an alarm call. The building was found to be secure.

Pursuit- Deputies were involved in a pursuit in the Portland/Racine area. A deputy crashed his cruiser and the suspect was able to get away.

Crash Investigation- Deputies responded twice to Mulberry St in Rutland for crashes. Upon investigation it appears that the same vehicle struck vehicles parked in two separate driveways. Investigation is pending.

House Check- Deputies performed one house check.

April 23

Theft- Deputies are investigating a report of someone taking a life insurance check and cashing it without authority to do so. The check was mailed to a residence on Bradbury Rd, but when it wasn’t received, they called to check on it and found out that it was cashed on April 2.  Anyone with any information on this incident is asked to call 740-992-3371.

Domestic- Deputies responded to a residence on Bigley Ridge on a report of a possible domestic.  When units arrived, they spoke with the parties involved and it was just a verbal argument. No further action required.

Arrest- Deputies arrested Ronnie Johnson, of Racine, on multiple outstanding warrants from Meigs County Court.

Vehicle Crash- Deputies responded to Eden Ridge with the Ohio State Highway Patrol and Meigs EMS for a crash. OSP handled the investigation.

Death- Deputies responded to State Route 681 in reference to a death. Meigs County Coroner also responded. The death appears to have been due to natural causes.

April 24

Concealed Carry– Deputies issued 17 Concealed Carry permits.

Theft- Deputies took a report about a stolen vehicle from a man at the Meigs Motel.  He said he was staying at Meigs Motel when a male subject named Andy took his vehicle. The vehicle was later found abandoned on Riebel Rd.

Sex Offender- Deputies registered one sex offender.

Alarm- Deputies responded to Water St in Syracuse for an alarm. The alarm appeared to be faulty and the resident was home.

Prowlers- Deputies responded to Racine for prowlers. Nothing was located.

House Checks- Deputies performed three house checks.

April 25

Disabled Vehicle – Deputy Martin provided traffic control in front of Southern Local Schools while a vehicle was disabled, partially blocking the roadway.

Juvenile Issue- Deputies responded to State Route 124 near 124 Mart in refence to issues with a juvenile. The situation is being handled by the parents.

Domestic- Deputies responded Browns Trailer Park in refence to a domestic complaint. Upon investigation it was determined that there was no violence and parties were separating.

Outstanding Warrants- Deputies responded to residences on Bradbury Road and Kingsbury Road to look for a subject wanted on several outstanding warrants. The subject was not located.

Reckless Driver- Deputies responded to the cemetery in Burlingham in reference to someone driving recklessly in it. Upon arrival there was no vehicle at the cemetery.

Transport- Deputies transported one inmate from the Monroe County Jail to the Meigs County

April 26

Possible underage drinking- Dispatch received a call reporting an underage party on the riverbank on Buck Town Rd. A Deputy was dispatched and arrived on scene. He spoke with the subjects having the party. They had the permission of the property owner to be there and no juveniles were present. No further action was taken on this call.

April 27

Domestic-Dispatch received a call from a female advising that her adult son was attacking his juvenile brother at their home on Depot St. in Rutland. Deputies arrived at the scene to find the caller and victim outside, locked out of the home. After gathering information about the incident and attempting the get the suspect to unlock the door without success, forced entry was made into the home and the suspect arrested for domestic violence. The suspect is currently being held in the Meigs County Jail till he appears in court on the domestic charge. Names not being released at this time due to juvenile involvement. 

Domestic-Dispatch received a call reporting an active domestic on Silo Rd. Deputies arrived on scene and were informed that the suspect, a 14-year-old male had assaulted his adult sister and mother. He had also thrown a knife at his mother while her back was turned. The juvenile male was arrested and later transported to a juvenile holding facility in Chillicothe, where he will remain until he appears in Juvenile Court on two counts on domestic violence. Names not being released at this time due to juvenile involvement.