June 21, 2024

Ohio Adds Area Code for 937 Customers

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) today reminded residential and business customers served by the 937 area code that the new 326 area code will be added as an overlay to the 937 region to ensure a continuing supply of telephone numbers for the area.  An overlay is the addition of another area code (326) to the same geographic region served by an existing area code (937).

The PUCO ordered an area code overlay for the 937 Area Code on May 23, 2018. An overlay does not require customers to change their existing area code. 

Beginning February 8, 2020, mandatory dialing will occur where all local calls made within the Ohio 937 Area Code will have to be placed using the 10 or 11-digit telephone number (area code + the 7-digit telephone number or 1 + area code + the 7-digit telephone number).   

Beginning March 8, 2020, new telephone lines or services may be assigned numbers using the new 326 area code. 

Please remember to identify your telephone number as a 10-digit number (Area Code + 7-digit telephone number), and include the area code when giving the number to friends, family, business associates and customers, etc.  

Customers should ensure all services, automatic dialing equipment, applications, software, or other types of equipment recognize the new 326 area code as a valid area code.  Examples include life-safety systems, fax machines, Internet dial-up numbers, alarm and security systems, gates, ankle monitors, speed dialers, mobile phone contact lists, call forwarding settings, voicemail services, and similar functions.  Be sure to check your business stationery, advertising materials, personal checks, and your personal or pet ID tags to ensure the area code is included in your telephone number. 

Important safety and security equipment, such as medical alert devices, and alarm and security systems must be programmed to use 10-digit dialing.  Many systems operate on 10-digit dialing by default but some older equipment may still use 7 digits.  Please contact your medical alert or security provider if you are not sure whether your equipment needs to be reprogrammed to accommodate the upcoming change to 10-digit or 11-digit local dialing.  Any needed reprogramming of alarm and home security equipment should be done by February 8, 2020. 

Remember that all local calls must be programmed using 10-digits or 11-digits and you need to add ‘1’ for all long distance calls.