Pomeroy Police Dept. Addresses Concerns on Stay at Home Order

POMEROY, Ohio – The Pomeroy Police Department has issued a statement concerning the Stay at Home order. 

Pomeroy Police Chief Chris Pitchford released a statement after receiving calls with individuals inquiring about specific situations relating to the order. According to the statement, “This order means that unless you are traveling for necessary reasons, you are ordered to stay at home. The majority of inquires we are receiving are to clarify if their reasons for traveling would be considered necessary. We want to address some of the frequent inquiries we are receiving.”

Some of the necessary reasons for travel:

  • Traveling to the store for supplies (Ex. Food, Medicine, Tools, Clothing, Etc.)
  • Traveling for your employment
  • Traveling to check the well-being of family members or others
  • Traveling across the Pomeroy-Mason Bridge for any one of these listed reasons

The statement continued, “There are many other reasons individuals may need to travel and we understand that. To this point, the residents of Meigs County and our neighbors are limiting their travel and taking this health crisis seriously. We want you to know we are grateful for this. Please continue your efforts in reducing exposure. It is unlikely you will be stopped by the Pomeroy Police Dept. while you’re traveling. Your efforts in honoring the ‘Stay at Home’ order have prevented the need for us to focus on that. In the event you are stopped by and officer, please know they are merely doing their part to help in this crisis. They are no directive, nor desire, to hinder the overall process of what we are all dealing with. We hope this answers some of your questions and concerns. Thank you Meigs County, and our neighbors, for coming together in this time of uncertainty.”