NAPA Auto Parts’ Grand Opening Set for July 1, 2020

The brand new NAPA location right off of U.S. Route 33, at the Kountry Resort exit (CR 34). Photo by Carrie Rose.

NAPA Auto Parts’ Grand Opening set for July 1, 2020.

RACINE, Ohio – It’s been almost three years since the customers of Southeastern Ohio have been able to visit a local Napa store for any of their automotive needs, but that’s no longer the case now.  Right off of U.S. Route 33, at the Kountry Resort exit (CR 34), there is a brand new NAPA Auto Parts store. NAPA Auto Parts is fully stocked and ready to serve anyone who walks through the door, calls on the phone, or emails an order.  

The grand opening will be on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 and will feature bucket specials, doorbustersdeals, and lunch from Court Grill.  The NAPA store owners and employees encourage the residents of Meigs and surrounding counties to visit the new location and see what it has to offer. 

Employees prepare for the grand opening of the new NAPA Auto Parts store located right off of U.S. Route 33, at the Kountry Resort exit (CR 34). Photo by Carrie Rose.

“We’re really pleased with the reception we’ve gotten so far from the wonderful citizens who have frequented the store during our soft opening week,” says Andy Baer, store owner, “and we look forward to continuing to serve them the best way we can.  This 5,000 sqft building is fully stocked, and if we don’t have something you’re looking for, likely, it can be ordered that evening and be ready for pick-up the next morning.”  Many have asked about whether or not this NAPA location will feature a machine shop, and Baer’s response was this, “There are no concrete plans at this time, but a customer can drop off something they’re requesting work on, and it will be sent to another NAPA machine shop location for repairs.”

When asking Baer what interested him in opening up a NAPA store, he said, “NAPA is known for quality parts.  I own a construction company and am constantly needing filters, grease, oil, etc. and when I bought from NAPA, I didn’t worry about whether it was going to break down in the next few months.  I trusted it.  We’ve been missing that here in Meigs and surrounding counties.”  

This endeavor was about a year in the making.  First the land was cleared off from what it used to be (a forestry swamp area) and then leveled out.  After that, it was clear how much land was there to utilize in a commercial way, and there’s still currently 1.5 acres available for commercial development.  

“We’d love to see someone else put in a food venue of some kind.  It’d be a great location with it being the only exit on U.S. 33 from Ravenswood , WV to Columbus, OH that you can easily zip off and get something to eat without having to go through a town and a ton of stop lights.”  Baer and his wife thought about adding a Little Ceasers, or Subway, or donut shop to the location, but it was just too much to take on on top of the NAPA store and both of them continuing to work their regular jobs.

The new NAPA Auto Parts store is fully stocked and ready for business. Photo by Carrie Rose.

To hear the owners tell it, the store is full of talent and service-minded employees.  Matt Milhoan is the store manager and was eager for it to get up and running.  “I’ve worked on cars my entire life.  NAPA was always my go-to for paint and parts and we’re so excited to have one in our area again.”  Other employees include Joey Blackstock, Todd Norton, Brayden Ervin, and Landon Acree.  

Local NAPA store owners and its employees request that you stop in to see if for yourself.  The store hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m..  The phone number for information and call-in orders is (740) 401-7124, and email is, [email protected]

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