May 28, 2024

2021 Meigs SWCD tree sale underway

POMEROY, Ohio – The 2021 Tree Sale is underway at the Meigs Soil and Water Conservation District, and what better way to welcome in 2021 and celebrate the end of 2020 than by planting some trees?

This year’s hardwood offerings include black cherry, black walnut, Northern red oak, white oak, and evergreens like bald cypress, eastern red cedar, eastern white pine, Loblolly pine and Virginia pine, packets of 25 seedlings for $20. Sugar maple is also available, 25 seedlings for $20.

The $12 Edibles Packet consists of 10 trees that produce edible fruit (also good for wildlife) two each of American elderberry, butternut, hazelnut, pawpaw, and persimmon, while the pollinator-friendly Honey Bee Packet consists of four each of American plum, black locust, eastern redbud, sourwood, and tulip (yellow) popular, 20 trees total for $20.

Other offerings include an apple tree packet, one each of dwarf Stayman delicious and yellow delicious, $25; a Shiitake mushroom kit, $27; wild ginger, partridge berry, or wild geranium ground cover sets, 25 starts for $25; Whitetail 365 Food Plot Seed mix, 25 pounds for $55; erosion control seed mix, two pounds for $15; wildlife grass and seed mix, Ohio pollinator seed mix, and Ohio pollinator seed mix (no grasses), prices to be determined. 

Also available are bluebird boxes, bat boxes, tree marking flags and Plantskyydd deer and rabbit repellant (available in ready-to-spray quart bottles or in a powder concentrate).

A new accessory this year is the Weed Wand Magic herbicide applicator that allows the user to put herbicide directly on targeted weeds without spraying, wind drift, or leaks. Includes three replacement tips, $26. 

The deadline for ordering trees or seed packets from the Meigs SWCD is Friday, Feb. 12 with trees being available for pickup in late March/early April.

For an order form or for more information, contact the Meigs SWCD at 740-992-4282 or stop in during regular business hours, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 113 E. Memorial Drive, Suite D, on the hill across from the old Veterans Memorial Hospital building. Order forms are also be available at