April 19, 2024

Meigs County Health Dept. begins implementing COVID-19 vaccination plan

POMEROY, Ohio – The Meigs County Health Department has begun phase 1A COVID-19 vaccinations for individuals in Meigs County. During the vaccination clinic 95 doses of vaccine were given to individuals on December 30.

This phase which includes:

  • Home health workers
  • Hospice workers
  • Emergency medical services responders
  • Primary care practitioners
  • Free-standing emergency department, urgent care, pharmacy, and dialysis center providers not vaccinated by hospitals or healthcare systems
  • Dental providers
  • Public health employees who are at risk of exposure or transmission, such as vaccinators
  • Mobile unit practitioners
  • Federally-qualified health center providers
  • High-risk ancillary health care staff members

These phases have been established by the State of Ohio and the Meigs County Health Department will follow the phases throughout the vaccination process.

The Meigs County Health Department will continue to vaccinate individuals in phase 1A over the coming weeks as vaccine is available. Once phase 1A is complete phase 1B will begin. Individuals in phase 1B will be directed how to receive vaccine once it becomes available to the health department. If you have any questions regarding this process, to see if you are eligible to receive the vaccine, or if you are a member of phase 1A that has not been vaccinated and wants to be you can contact the Meigs County Health Department at 740-992-6626.