May 29, 2024

Faith through all seasons

By Steven Figel

My Friends,

God has blessed his creation with 4-season to nurture it. Naturally, many are drawn to this time of the year. For so much hope and promise lies embedded in spring. This is the time of the year when life literally springs from lifelessness. And how can anyone not find excitement as spring flowers inch their way from the cold earth and the first hint of green appears in trees and meadows.

It is easy to be drawn to summer, too. For the life that began in March, April and May begins to mature and bear fruit.

In fall, we harvest the fruit which sustains all of creation. And we find ourselves dazzled by the colors of a season when every leaf becomes a flower.

Even in winter, as we contemplate the previous life cycle and enjoy the harvest, we once again begin to dream of the beginning of another life cycle and for the circle of life to renew.

It’s easy to see God’s hand in this work and the wonder of it. And as God’s children, it is altogether right to give him thanks and praise for these blessings.

Ad Majorem Dei Glorium!