Southern recognizes academic achievement

Southern School District recognized academic achievement with a streamed ceremony. Submitted photo.

Southern recognizes academic achievement

RACINE, Ohio – Southern Local School District recognized students for their academic success on May 13, 2021.

Southern Local Schools honored the following 85 students for their academic achievements. The short ceremony was live-streamed on Southern Local School District’s Facebook Page.  Southern Local would also expressed gratitude to their staff and sponsors: Home Nationals Bank; Forest Run Ready Mix; Kim and Keith Romine; Bartee Photography.

Those with a *, would have been honored at the county academic banquet.

4th Grade 

  • Kailey Aldridge*​​, daughter of Erron and Amanda Aldridge
  • Greyson Duvall, s​​on of Casey and Christa Duvall
  • Marcy Evans, ​daughter of Mathew and Misty Evans
  • Jett Lisle​​​, son of Travis and Autumn Lisle
  • Arionna Parry*, ​​daughter of Gerrad and Tabitha Parry
  • Dayton Reiber,  ​​son of Vincent and Tonia Reiber
  • Lyddia Smith, ​​daughter of Travis and Keri Smith
  • Wyatt Templeton​, son of Betty Templeton, Kail Knapp and the late Ed Templeton
  • Riley Tucker, ​​daughter of Stacy and Thomas Tucker

5th Grade

  • Ashley Brown, daughter of Chris and Barbara Brown
  • Nevaeh Camp, daughter of David and Whitney Camp
  • Connor Fisher, son of Mason Fisher and Jodi Fisher
  • Jaylyn Fogus, daughter of Jeremy and Jamie Fogus
  • Blake Hudson, son of Steven Hudson and Meghan Hudson
  • Joslyn Hupp, daughter of David Myers Jr and Ashley Hupp
  • Landon Jones​​, son of Caleb and Bethany Jones
  • Emma Leachman, daughter of Adam and Courtney Leachman
  • Madyson O’Brien​​, daughter of Ash and Tiffany O’Brien
  • Haylee Shamblin, daughter of Frank Shamblin and Michelle Shuster, and Ashley Krider

6th Grade 

  • Isabella Cornell, daughter of Joe and Rachel Cornell
  • Piper Hill, daughter of Dean and Jayme Hill
  • Caden Hupp, son of Brian and Tara Hupp
  • Raegan Jones ​​Daughter of Jamie and Heather Jones
  • Chloe Kaspy​​, daughter of Cyndy Kaspy and Mitch Kaspy
  • Josalyn Lavender, daughter of Mikie Lavender, April and Justin Fraley
  • Ali Norris, ​​​daughter of Ryan and Jody Norris
  • Sophie Popp*, ​​daughter of Sarah Triplett and Damon Popp
  • Landen Smith*, son of Travis and Keri Smith
  • Sydney Stout, ​​daughter of Shandi Sargent and Chris Stout
  • Braydin Thomas, son of Lindsay Thomas and Adam Thomas
  • Connor Zuspan, son of George and Rebecca Zuspan
  • Sophia Ward​​, daughter of Zach and Lindsey Ward

7th Grade

  • Murphy Dunfee​​, son of Todd and Leslie Dunfee
  • Danae Hemsley​​, daughter of Marilyn and Rollie Hemsley
  • Jaylynn Hupp, ​​daughter of Jeremy and Kim Hupp
  • Hannah Jackson​​, daughter of Becky Jackson and Tim Jackson
  • Hunter Jarrell​​, son of Joey and Ann Jarrell and Ashli and Tom Peterman
  • David Kemppel​​, son of David and Dana Kemppel
  • Noah Leachman​​, son of Adam and Courtney Leachman
  • Bryan Venegas Mendoza​, son of Marino Venegas and Adelaida Mendoza
  • Kiersten Rose​​, daughter of Jeremy and Martie Rose
  • Nathan Shuster, ​​son of Michelle Shuster and Frank Shamblin
  • Cole Smith​​​, son of Ricky Smith and Angie Smith
  • Wyatt Smith, ​​son of Jon and Jamie Smith

8th Grade

  • Katie Brooker*,​ ​daughter of Pete and Paula Brooker
  • Xander Fisher​​, son of Mason Fisher and Jodi Fisher
  • Isabella Harmon​​, daughter of Kellie Triplett and John Harmon
  • Audrianna Herrera​, daughter of Sarah Walbrown and Fernando Herrera
  • Isabella Klein, ​​daughter of Everett Klein
  • Jorja Lisle​​​, daughter of Travis and Autumn Lisle
  • Carson Reuter, ​​son of Terry and Mandy Reuter
  • Timberlyn Templeton*,​ daughter of Betty Templeton, Kail Knapp and the late Ed Templeton
  • Brennan Wyatt​, ​son of Rob and Marcy Wyatt

9th Grade 

  • Kaiden Michael​​, son of Erron and Amanda Aldridge
  • Brayden Otto​​, son of Daniel Otto and Rebecca Otto
  • Gage Riffle, ​​​son of Hannah Jones and Derek Riffle
  • Chloe Rizer, ​​daughter of Spike Rizer and Melissa Rizer
  • Ava Roush, ​​​daughter of Adam and Amy Roush
  • Katie Rowe, ​​daughter of Nicole Parsons and Corey Rowe
  • Alexis Smith​​, daughter of DJ Smith and Alisia Smith
  • Lauren Smith​​, daughter of Travis and Keri Smith
  • Cadence Stewart​​, daughter of Andrea Owens and Dale Teaford IV

10th Grade

  • Braydon Essick​​, son of Jim and Christy Essick
  • Damien Miller​​, son of Jeff and Emily Miller
  • Layne Reuter​​, son of Terry and Mandy Reuter
  • Jake Roush*​​​, son of Jenni and Jeremy Roush
  • Hannah Smith, ​​daughter of Shannon Smith and Alicia Smith
  • Malachi Smith​​, son of Cheryl Smith and Jerry Smith
  • Aubrey Stobart*​​, daughter of Shawn and Sherrie Stobart

11th Grade 

  • Brooke Crisp​​, daughter of Alan and Lori Crisp
  • Logan Greenlee​​, daughter of Christopher Greenlee and Kristy Greenlee
  • Rachel Jackson​​, daughter of Becky Jackson and Tim Jackson
  • Tanner Lisle​​, son of Todd and Christi Lisle
  • Isaac McCarty​​, son of Jeremiah and Kelli Giles and Jason McCarty
  • Ellie Powell​​, daughter of Doug and Teresa Powell
  • Bradley Reitmire​​, son of George and Amy Reitmire
  • Lincoln Rose​​, son of Jeremy and Martie Rose
  • Weston Smith​​, son of Jason and Andrea Smith

12th Grade

  • Arrow Drummer​​, son of Kelly Drummer, Allen Pape, and the Late Carlton Drummer
  • Kylie Gheen*​​, daughter of Danny and Randi Gheen
  • Jayden Johnson​​, son of Roy and Kristen Johnson
  • Kristin McKay​​, daughter of Melody Bailey and James McKay
  • Kyler Rogers*​​, son of Rich Rogers and Misty and Russ Fields
  • Caelin Seth​*​​, daughter of Shaun and Jennifer Seth
  • David Shaver*​​, son of Beth and Barry Shaver