Baking and Canning Judging Results from the 2021 Meigs County Fair

Baking entries on display in the Rutland Bottle Gas Domestic Arts Building. Photo by Carrie Rose.

Baking and Canning Judging Results from the 2021 Meigs County Fair

ROCKSPRINGS, Ohio – The results have been announced for the 2021 Meigs County Fair baking and canning competitions.

Results are listed by section and class with the first place winner name followed by second and third respectively if applicable.

Baking and Canning

Section 201 – Preserves

Class 1 – Preserves
First, Doris Grueser; second, Opal Dyer.

Class 2 – Raspberry
First, Donna Jenkins.

Class 3 – Strawberry
First, Donna Jenkins.

Class 4 – Blackberry
First, Doris Grueser.

Section 203 – Jellies

Class 7 – Blackberry
First, Donna Jenkins; second, Opal Dyer.

Class 8 – Grape
First, Maxine Dyer; second, Opal Dyer.

Section 204 – Spreads

Class 10 – Apple Butter
First, Darlene Hayes.

Section 205 – Pickled

Class 12 – Dill Pickles
First, Darlene Hayes; second, Ella Bailey.

Class 14 – Sweet Pickles
First, Darlene Hayes.

Class 16 – 14 Day Pickles
First, David King; second, Mary D. King.

Class 18 – Beets
First, Doris Grueser; second, Sandra McKay; third, Kassandra Lodwick.

Section 207 – Sauces/Catsup

Class 25 – Catsup
First, Bill Grueser; second, Bryant Mohler.

Class 26 – Chili Sauce
First, Doris Grueser.

Class 27 – Spaghetti Sauce
First, Teresa Wilson; second, Donna Jenkins.

Class 28 – Barbecue Sauce
First, Teresa Wilson.

Class 31 – Salsa
First, Donna Jenkins; second, Peyton Bailey; third, Teresa Wilson.

Section 208 – Juices

Class 32 – Tomato Juice
First, Teresa Wilson; second, Ella Bailey; third, Rhonda L. Dailey.

Class 35 – V-8 Juice
First, Peyton Bailey; second, Bill Grueser.

Section 209 – Canned Fruit

Class 36 – Applesauce
First, Opal Dyer.

Class 38 – Blackberries
Second, Doris Grueser.

Class 39 – Peaches
Second, Kassandra Lodwick.

Class 42 – Blueberries
Second, Maxine Dyer.

Section 210 – Canned Vegetables

Class 43 – Beets
First, Doris Grueser; second, Maxine Dyer; third, Opal Dyer.

Class 44 – Lima Beans
Second, Opal Dyer.

Class 46 – Snap Beans
First, Opal Dyer; second, Mary D. King; third, Doris Grueser.

Class 47 – Shell Beans
First, David King; second, Mary D. King.

Class 54 – Potatoes
Second, Bill Grueser; third, Opal Dyer.

Class 55 – Tomatoes
First, Bill Grueser; second, Mary D. King; third, Donna Jenkins.

Class 58 – Hot Pepper Rings
First, Teresa Wilson; second, Bill Grueser; third, Kassandra Lodwick.

Section 212 – Breads

Class 1 – Whole Wheat Bread
First, Peggy Crane.

Class 2 – White Bread
First, Peggy Crane; second, Teresa Wilson.

Class 3 – Banana Nut Bread
First, Sara Ervin; second, Peggy Crane; third, Donna Jenkins.

Class 4 – Zucchini Bread
First, Donna Jenkins; second, Becky Cotterill; third, Debbie Chevalier.

Class 6 – Yeast Rolls
Second, Peggy Crane.

Class 7 – Monkey Bread
Third, Peggy Crane.

Class 8 – Cinnamon Rolls
Second, Donna Jenkins; third, Peggy Crane.

Section 213 – Cakes

Class 9 – Angel Food
First, Becky Cotterill.

Class 12 – Other Cake
Second, Debbie Chevalier.

Section 214 – Cookies

Class 13 – Oatmeal
Second, Elizabeth Lawrence; third, Robert Lewis.

Class 14 – Plain Sugar
First, Donna Jenkins; second, Abbie Marcinko.

Class 15 – Chocolate Chip
First, Donna Jenkins; second, Debbie Chevalier; third, Becky Cotterill.

Class 16 – Peanut Butter
First, Elizabeth Lawrence; second, Stephanie Lewis; third, Donna Jenkins.

Class 17 – Other Cookie
First, Darlene Hayes; second, Sara Ervin; third, Donna Jenkins.

Class 18 – Brownies
First, Donna Jenkins; second, Melody Bailey; third, Sara Ervin.

Section 215 – Pies

Class 19 – Apple
First, Rhonda L. Dailey; second, Teresa Wilson.

Class 20 – Cherry
First, Becky Cotterill.

Class 21 – Pecan
First, Teresa Wilson; second, Darlene Hayes.

Class 22 – Peach
First, Abbie Marcinko; second, Robert Lewis; third, Stephanie Lewis.

Class 23 – Berry
First, Teresa Wilson; second, Stephanie Lewis.

Section 216 – Candy

Class 25 – Chocolate Fudge
First, Donna Jenkins; second, Becky Cotterill; third, Darlene Hayes.

Class 26 – Peanut Butter Fudge
First, Teresa Wilson; second, Sharon L. Hall; third, Elizabeth Lawrence.

Class 27 – White Fudge
First, Teresa Wilson; second, Elizabeth Lawrence; third, Sharon L. Hall.

Class 30 – Candy Name Variety
First, Darlene Hayes; second, Opal Dyer.

Section 217 – Muffin Contest

Class 31 – Muffin Contest
First, Darlene Hayes; second, Becky Cotterill; third, Bryant Mohler.