July 21, 2024

The Church Mouse: Slowing Down

“Let everyone put himself under the authority of the higher powers, because there is no power which is not of God and all powers are ordered by God.” (Romans 13:1)

Did you folks know that I am a great cook? I am really! I rate right up there with Julia Child, Martha Stewart and James Beard…

Ok, I will stop. I am a decent cook. No one has ever died from my cooking! LOL. 

Any way the other night I decided to make chicken salad. I got the chicken shredded up and was adding onions, pickles, mayo, celery, salt and pepper.  Instead of using regular black pepper I thought to myself I will use lemon pepper. Everyone knows that lemon and chicken go together really well. 

I got the lemon pepper out and opened and it had drawn moisture and was all stuck together in the bottle from where I had left it outside by the grill. So, I thought, if I stick a fork in it and stir it around it will loosen up and come out.  So I stirred it up. Put the shaker top back on the bottle. I was hurrying because I was hungry! 

So I grabbed the bottle to shake out some pepper out and the top came off an about 8 tablespoons of lemon pepper went into the bowl. YIKES!!!

I was not real happy about this situation. I did not want to have to throw out, the chicken; then the Frugal Gourmet in me, kicked in. I scooped out as much of the lemon pepper as I could. I add some more mayo and stirred it all together. I tasted it. It was very lemony but not all that bad. 

This got me to thinking about how sometimes when we in a hurry with life or we are not paying close enough attention to what we are doing and we mess up. We forget to follow God and his instructions or we try to take a short cut. Or we think we can improve on what God wants us to do. So we then go hurriedly along trying to do something on our own and end up making a really big mess. We sin without even realizing we have done so. Sometimes we can recover from our mistakes. Sometimes we cannot. I guess it would be wise for us to slow down and always follow the recipe: read your Bible, pray and watch out for the loose shaker tops and road blocks that satan throws at us. 

Prayer—“Father, in heaven we thank you that you are always there for us to call upon. We thank you for the Bible you gave us to help us to find our way to you. Help us to remember that we can always call on you for direction for each event in our lives. Amen.

the Church Mouse 

Work hard! Pray harder!