The Church Mouse: Being Excited

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” – Matthew 28:19

Have you ever been so excited that you just did not quite know what to do with yourself?  Just what does it take to get you excited?  Is it winning the lottery or buying a new car or maybe it is some ordinary thing like taking a nap, or eating your favorite meal. 

Let me tell you a little story. A few years ago a friend of mine was with his mother. They decided to stop at a local  drive thru restaurant to get milkshake. They get in line and order. When they get to the window to pay to get the milkshakes and the girl tells them that the car in front of them has paid for their order. 

Well, they flabbergasted and excited that they proceed to drive off! They drove several blocks before they realized they did not get their milkshakes.
Talk about excited!!?? (LOL)

Anyway they turned around and went back and got the milkshakes.  The girl at the restaurant was laughing and so were they.  Have you ever been that excited?  Sometimes we all get a little bit crazy about winning stuff. 

So was telling a person about this they said. “Well, I would have went back also as this involved money and food.”  However wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could get that excited about God?  I wonder if anyone ever turned around and went back tell someone about Jesus? 
So I ask the person I was telling this to: “Would you go back to tell someone about Jesus?” There was a long pause…No answer just ‘the look’. (You know like you have two heads.) 

I think we, (my self included) need to be telling more people about Jesus? Let me tell you about a dream that I have had several times about going to heaven and having God ask me  in my dream about Jeannie! 
God says to me.
“Jeannie, is not in heaven! Where is she?” 
God then proceeds tells me. 
“It is your fault that she is not here, because you never ever told her about the plan of salvation. You saw her every day at work and never once did you talk to her about giving her life to Jesus.” 
I wake up right after that. 
I am sure God is telling me by giving me this dream that I am not witnessing enough!!  
I do not want to get to heaven and have that happen for real. So I guess I had better stop this Church Mouse note and go find Jeannie and tell her about Jesus. That way I can get a goodnight’s sleep.  

“Father, in heaven, we thank you for the many blessing that you gives us.  We know these blessing are from you. And that you give us these blessing to make our lives better. Father God, help us to be  bold and so excited about You, that we tell everyone we meet about the way to get to live eternally with you in heaven. 

the Church Mouse
Work hard! Pray harder!