SWCD Announces Changes to Rental Equipment Program

This new equipment shed located on Pine Grove Road near U.S. 33 will serve as storage for the Meigs Soil and Water Conservation District’s equipment rental program. The building has since been completed. The Meigs SWCD, like many other SWCDs in Ohio, rents conservation tillage equipment to local farmers and landowners. Submitted photo.

SWCD Announces Changes to Rental Equipment Program

POMEROY, Ohio – Starting this year, producers and landowners renting equipment from the Meigs SWCD will see two changes to the rental equipment program including the collection of sales tax, and changes to the rental equipment agreements. 

In the past, renters were required to sign and initial an agreement for each individual rental, now just one form covers all rentals for an entire calendar year. The form must be on file with the district before any equipment can be delivered.

In addition, the district is now required to collect 7.25-percent sales tax on equipment rentals unless the renter has an exemption form on file with the district. It is not necessary to complete a tax-exempt form every year.

To avoid any unnecessary inconvenience or delays, producers and landowners are encouraged to complete forms well in advance. Producers can sign rental agreements and tax-exempt forms in-person at the office, download them from www.meigsswcd.com and drop off or mail/email signed documents to the office, or call the office at 740-992-4282 and request a form(s) be mailed to them.

Call the office weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. to schedule equipment

Use the equipment as soon as possible and keep it clean and ready to go on to the next farm.

Last year the district had 65 planter and lime spreader rentals accounting for 781 acres planted and 1,240.5 tons of lime applied.