June 17, 2024

The Church Mouse: Trust in the Lord

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight.” – Proverbs 3:5-6

Today when I woke up I just knew it was going to be a good day.  I was laying there in my bed all snug and warm.  I felt good, I was rested and ready to get up, face the day and all the challenges the world would throw at me, or so I thought. Let me tell you what happened. 

I rolled over and peeked at the clock on the bedside table…….OH MY WORD!!!  It was 7:15 a.m. I had overslept.  I jumped out of bed. In my hurry I stubbed my toe. OUCH!!!

I flew into the bathroom, jumped into the shower.  I hurried thru a three minute, water conserving shower and then realized…I was in the shower soaking wet, with no towel to dry- off on!  So after hurriedly cleaning up the water on the floor I got dressed.

I grabbed a banana for breakfast to eat on the drive to work.  I grabbed my purse and phone and flew out the door, locking it behind me.  I am standing by my car, holding the banana, and my phone while trying to find my keys in my purse; which I now realize are locked in the house! 

I am hoping I can find the spare key to the house to get back in! After a short search and a broken finger nail I have the key.  I rush in. Grab the car keys. I fly back out the door and jump into the car.

As I start the motor I realize that my purse, banana and phone are on the back porch where I left it when I was searching for the house key.  So with the car running I jump out, run to the porch, grab my stuff. I run back to the car. I look at the clock in the car and  I realize that I might be a few minutes late. Thank goodness that I live only about a 10 minute drive to work. I am also hoping that I locked the house, when I came back out. 

I fly out of the driveway go racing down the road.  There is an intersection just pasted my driveway. Two cars pull out in front of me! One of them speeds off on its way. The other one creeps along at 30 miles per hour. I know the driver, he is old. He never goes over 30 miles per hour (0h, brother).  Luckily for me he turns off in a few hundred feet at the next intersection.   I speed up the hill to find that I am now behind a school bus which makes 7 stops in the next 4 miles. Late, late, I am going to be late!! 

I thought well at least I can eat my banana! You guessed it. I did not pick it up when I went back for my stuff. It is lying on the back porch, so no breakfast for me and I’m thinking so is my spare key(so much for locking the door).   Finally, I am at the state highway.  Oh No! There is a wreck and traffic is stopped and back up Well, now I have a real excuse for being late…not really! 

Finally,  40 minutes later I am work.  Yes, I tell everyone I am late. But no the wreck was not the total cause but it certainly did not help my situation by any means.

I go to my desk.  The phone is ringing and there is a stack of papers about a foot high waiting for me. Plus they tell me that I have a angry customer waiting to see me. Where did my good day go? 

I suddenly recall that when lying in bed earlier, I just knew it was going to be a good day.  Well, that went right out the window or did it?

For some reason this song popped into my head. The song is by Darryl Worley and is called “Sounds like Life to me.” 

The song tells about a guy who is overwhelmed by life and goes to a bar. His friend goes to find him. He asks him what has happened. After hearing his problems he tells the guy “Sound like life to me.” This song made me stop and think this is my life.  

Who was in control of whether I had a good day or a bad one?  I made the decision to think that I was having a bad day because of circumstances that I was experiencing. So right there on the spot I stopped what I was doing, and I prayed. 

I ask God to help me with the things that I could not control, to give me peace and strength to keep my thoughts and my mouth in control.  I then I ask that most of all, that He help me to let His light shine out of me.  After praying, things started to calm down or maybe God calm me down!

It is up to us to decide how we handle each situation that comes our way. 

It can be a good day or a bad day.  You decide!

Things always go better with God. 


Dear God, Help us to remember that we control our thoughts and deeds. Remind us that you allow us to make wrong choices. Forgive us when we choose wrong. Father guide us to seek you in all aspects of our daily living. Help us to make better decisions. In the Savior’s name. Amen.

the Church Mouse 

Work Hard; pray harder!