February 24, 2024

The Church Mouse: Who We are in Christ

“I do all things for the cause of the Good News, so that I may have a part in it.” – 1 Cor. 9:23

“Look at Us!” Rene Descartes declared these famous words (in Latin of course) Cogito ergo sum”. That is, “I think, therefore I am.”   According to this famous philosopher the ability to reason and to think defines human identity.  

Many people today would find his definition rather limited, because it seems to exclude a lot what makes us who we are.  But, who are you?  What makes you, you?   I cannot answer this question for you, but I can tell you something about my own identity.  

I am a middle-aged, well-educated, middle-class European-American, who is a parent of 3 adult children.  My maternal relatives emigrated from Ireland and Germany in the in early 1700’s. I am a Christian, a grandparent and an employee.  I was born in and  grew up in this area. I have lived most of my life in right here in the county. I’ve been an Evangelical United Brethren, and now a United Methodist. I’m a Cincinnati Red’s Baseball  and a Bengal football fan. I like all types of music except Rap (which is not music). I enjoy American History, am a genealogy buff. I love to read. I like homemade ice cream. I could add to this list but you are likely getting really bored by now. 

However here is the big question:  Who are you and I in Christ?   What difference does Jesus make to who or what we are as a person?  We are told in the Bible that as Christians we are to preach the gospel, not out of choice, but out of obligation!   

It is our obligation to tell the world the Good News of Jesus. Our guide in this task,  is the Law of Christ, which Jesus tells us has two parts:  (1.) love God with all your being, and  2.) Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

This leads me to what a pastor friend preached about awhile back. “Look at us?” he said.  “Who are we?   Not what are we?” All the things I listed about me above are: What I am, not Who I am!   If we are God’s servant then we are obligated to spread the news about Jesus and His saving grace. I have looked at myself and found there is much room for improvement! How about you?

We are to be disciples of Christ. We are to be spreading the good news of the gospel at all times. Not just on Sunday or whenever we feel like it or it makes us look good. So who are you not what are you! 

Prayer- Father, We come knowing that we often fall short of our goal of living for You.  We mess up daily even hourly in our call to spread the news of Jesus and His saving grace for us.  Help us to remember who we are and just not what we are.  Help us to put You first in all we do and say. We give you praise for our blessings. Amen.

the Church Mouse 

Work hard; Pray harder!