Karen Lodwick's woven basket earned Best of Show in the Domestic Arts at the 2022 Meigs County Fair.

Lodwick Takes Best of Show at Meigs Fair Domestic Arts Contest

ROCKSPRINGS, Ohio – Each year at the Meigs County Fair crafters and artisans enter the various categories in Domestic Arts to show off their skills.

Domestic Arts this year included sewing, crocheting, knitting, quilts and afghans, rugs, needle craft, dolls, crafts, scrap art, ceramics, wood art, basket weaving, and miniatures. Miniatures was a new category to the fair. From crafting to sewing intricate quilts, the entries are displayed in the Rutland Bottle Gas Domestic Arts Building for all attending the fair to see.

The Best of Show went to Karen Lodwick for her woven basket. The Reserve Best of Show went to Carrie Rose for a miniature fair scene of the dairy barn.

Domestic Arts Results

Children’s Clothing: Dress, first, Roberta Lewis.

Adult Clothing: Skirt, first, Karen Lodwick; Dress, first, Vivian Huggins; Top, first, Harvest Lechler, second, Vivian Huggins.

Miscellaneous: Apron, first, Vicki Morrison; Homemade Purse or Bag, first, Karen Hawley, second, Crystal Arnold, third, Brenda Johnson; Christmas Stocking, first, Roberta Lewis, second, Karen Hawley; Decorative Pillow, first, Susy Heck, second, Brenda Johnson, third, Mary Shoults.

Fashion Accessories: Scarf, first, Roberta Lewis.

Crochet: Crocheted Toy, first, Mary Shoults, second, Aja Blackwell Collins, third, Wendi Miller; Doily over 4″, first, Roberta Lewis, second, Doris Grueser, third, Opal Dyer; Doily over 14″, first, Crystal Arnold, second, Roberta Lewis, third, Doris Grueser; Crochet Cushion, first, Crystal Arnold, second, Mary Shoults; Pot Holder, first, Roberta Lewis, second, Opal Dyer, third, Doris Grueser; Cap/Hat, first, Kristen Barnhart; Scarf, first, Kristen Barnhart; Any Crochet Item Not Listed, first, Robert Lewis, second, Mary Shoults, third, Wendi Miller.

Knit: Knitted Mittens, first, Susy Heck; Knitted Cap/Hat, first, Karen Hawley, second, Susy Heck, third, John Lechler; Child Sweater, first, Susy Heck; Adult Sweater, first, Susy Heck, second, Karen Hawley; Baby Sweaters Set, first, Susy Heck; Scarf, first, Karen Hawley, second, Susy Heck; Shawl, first, Susy Heck; Toy, first, Susy Heck, second, Karen Hawley, third, John Lechler; Any Knit Item Not Listed, first, Karen Hawley, second, Laurel Huggins.

Afghans: Knitted Dish Cloth, first, Karen Hawley, second, Susy Heck, third, Mary Shoults; Crocheted Baby Afghan, first, Kristen Barnhart, second, Opal Dyer, third, Wendi Miller; Afghan, first, Doris Grueser; Crocheted Ripple, first, Mary Shoults; Crocheted Granny Square, first, Opal Dyer; Any Variation, first, Katlin Honaker; Any Shell or Variation, first, Kristen Barnhart; Afghan Stitch with Embroidery, first, Crystal Arnold; Mile a Minute, first, Opal Dyer; Corner to Corner, first, Vicki Morrison, second, Crystal Arnold, third, Kristen Barnhart.

Quilts: Embroidery, first, Brenda Johnson; Maching Quilted, first, Brenda Kennedy, second, Alice Ritchie, third, Carold Riggs; Child’s or Crib, first, Lisa Short, second, Tina Karr; Miniature, first, Brenda Johnson; Patchwork, first, Crystal Arnold, second, Brenda Kennedy; Tied Comfort, first, Alyssa Webb; Wall Hanging, first, Crystal Arnold, second, Vicki Morrison; Wearing Apparel with Quilting, first, Vicki Morrison; Quilt Made by a Group, first, Brenda Kennedy; Any Other Not Specified, first, Crystal Arnold, second, Brenda Johnson; Table Toper or Runner, first, Crystal Arnold, second, Brenda Johnson, third, Vicki Morrison; Placemat, first, Brenda Johnson.

Rugs: Loomed Rug, first, Thomas Drake; Any Other Rug, first, Brenda Kennedy, second, Crystal Arnold, third, Mary Shoults.

Needle Craft: Embroidery Picture, first, Brenda Johnson, second, Vicki Morrison, third, Elizabeth Lawrence; Needlepoint Picture, first, Opal Huggins; Embroidered Pillow Case, first, Doris Grueser, second, Elizabeth Lawrence; Preprinted Cushion Quilted, first, Doris Grueser; Crewel Cushion, first, Doris Grueser; Any Stuffed Toy, first, Ruby Lechler, second, Elizabeth Lawrence, third, Laurel Huggins; Pot Holder, first, Brenda Johnson.

Dolls: Cloth Doll, first, Vivian Huggins, second, Roberta Lewis; Character Doll, first, Roberta Lewis, second, Vivian Huggins; Dress Doll, first, Susy Heck, second, Roberta Lewis.

Holiday Craft: Handmade Ornaments, first, Vicki Morrison, second, Mary Shoults, third, Lisa Short; Tree Skirt, first, Opal Dyer; Holiday Wall Deco Inside, first, Patty Hensley, second, Mary Shoults.

Other Crafts: Handmade Jewelry, first, Ruby Lechler, second, Opal Huggins, third, Elizabeth Lawrence; Plastic Canvas, first, Opal Dyer; Homemade Doorstop, first, Robert Bailey.

Angels: Crochet, first, Roberta Lewis.

Scrap Art: Made from Leftovers, first, Robert Bailey; second, Sydneyahna Card; Anything Not Listed, first, Sydneyahna Card.

Ceramic: Fired Glazed, first, David King, second, John Lechler; Multispecies, first, David King.

Wood Art: Any Wood Item Not Over 36″, first, Opal Huggins; Any Other Wood Art, first, Brenda Johnson, second, Lisa Short.

Baskets Home Made: Knitt, first, Karen Hawley; Crocheted, first, Crystal Arnold; Woven, Karen Lodwick.

Miniatures: Teacup, first, Carrie Rose, second, Wendi Miller; Fair Scene, first, Carrie Rose; Room in a House, first, Carrie Rose; Terrarium, first, Wendi Miller.