April 13, 2024

“The gospel is that Jesus Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that He was buried, and then He was resurrected on the third day.” 

(1 Corinthians 15:4)

I heard a song the other day that said. “Who are you when no one’s looking?”

I thought to myself, what a thought provoking question. 

We most always try to be on our best behavior when we are out and about.  Oh yes, we all have our moments where we lose our cool; get mad, do and say things that we should not.  

But I cannot think that anyone starts the day out saying. “Well, today is the day I am going to be mean to everyone.”  

God knows who we are when no one else is looking! God sees us at our weakest and lowest moments and yet amazingly He still loves us.

Then I saw this little ditty on the computer the other day and it made me stop and pause, to think some more about who I am and how I treat other people.  

(This is about a person who goes to church but does not go inside the church.)

“If the guy smoking in the parking lot by the church door bothered you, I am glad you didn’t come inside…because we have people addicted to smoking, pornography, prescription drugs, and alcohol in this building. We have people who are having sex with people they’re not married to. We have people who have bitterness, anger, greed and resentment issues. We have all kinds of sinners and jacked up people in here. So if the smoker by the door bothered you, then the people inside would have bother you even more because. 

“We (the Church) are NOT a museum for saints; we are a hospital for sinners…”

But guess what? God STILL loves us.  He hates our sin.  However, He loved us enough to send His only Son to die for us! Once we confess our sin, He forgives us and remembers it no more.  

WOW!! What an awesome God, we serve!


“Dear God, Thank you, for loving us sinners. Thank you for forgiving us and forgetting our sins.  Help us to model our lives after your Son Jesus, who willingly died for us. Help us to not to mean and not to judge others, but to be loving and kind to everyone we meet Amen.”

the Church Mouse

Work hard; Pray harder.