May 29, 2024

For we came into the world with nothing, and we are not able to take anything out.” (1 Timothy 6:7)

We are never satisfied with what we have!

In the winter when it is really cold we complain and wish for warm weather. In the summertime we beg for a day of cooler weather.  Did you ever notice when it is 45 degrees in the fall we are freezing cold?  But take 45 degrees in the early spring and we break out the flip-flops, cause we are having a heat-wave! 

When it is rainy we want sunshine and when it is  hot and  sunny we are praying for rain and cooler weather. 

We always think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, and it may be……………….…but it still has to be mowed! 

We are never satisfied. Ever wonder why? It probably stems back to the Garden of Eden.  You know where Eve was tempted. She wanted something she did not really need and then she went about getting it in the wrong way.  But, remember according to her it was not her fault. 

We are like that we always seem to want what the other guy has, or what we think they have and most of the time we really do not need whatever it is.

  I must confess I am that way. I always want things that I do not need and if you come to my house you will see the evidence. I am trying to cut back… lately when I see something and I ask myself do I really need that or is it something more for me to have to dust?  Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t (LOL).   

How wonderful it would be if we all wanted more of God?  You know more reading and studying the Bible, more praying, more attending church and Sunday school. Maybe we could all start reading our Bibles for 5 minutes longer each day. Five minutes is not a very long time, so we should be able to handle that small amount of time. Maybe we could pray for one an extra person each day.  How about an easy one, attending a Bible study or Sunday. Most churches  have a Bible Study, Sunday School for all ages , Prayer meetings, etc. and they are all held on different day, at different times, and they are all different styles. I know for a fact that they would welcome new attendees.  

Prayer—Father, help us to be more like you. Help us to not whine and complain about the things that we want, but do not really need. Help us to be grateful for the things we have.  Help us to grow in your word that we my share your love with everyone we met. Help us to be a blessing to someone today. Amen.

the Church Mouse