May 29, 2024

Racine Southern FFA Celebrates 92nd Annual FFA Banquet

By Will Smith (2023-2024 Racine Southern FFA Reporter)

Picture above is the newly installed 2023-2024 officers of the Racine Southern FFA chapter

On April 27, 2023 The Racine Southern FFA Chapter held their 92nd Annual FFA Banquet at Star Mill Park in Racine, Ohio. There were approximately 82 guests and 28 members who attended the annual banquet. At the beginning of the banquet guests were encouraged to get something to eat and drink. The alumni (Ohio River Producers) made the food and served it. The FFA chapter holds this banquet to recognize their member’s accomplishments made throughout the year. These accomplishments are made through the member’s dedication to the chapter, and their determination to achieve. A few of the ways members can receive an award include the following: participating in CDE’s (Career Development Events) which are competitions that can be national, state, or county, completing all the requirements for a degree, or by going above and beyond in the FFA chapter. These events and degrees are: 

  • Soil Judging(Rural): Katie Rowe, Chloe Smith, Kylee Circle, Maddison VanTrease, and Will Smith.
  • Soil Judging (Urban): Cassidy Bailey, Corey Seth, Nathanial Nero, Collin Wemmer, and Brayden Sellers.
  • Job Interview CDE: Cassidy Bailey–Senior, Katie Rowe–Junior, Hunter Jarrell–Freshman.
  • Freshmen FFA Creed- Austin Bare
  • Online Greenhand Exam CDE:Hunter Jarrell, John Scott, Will Smith, Wyatt Smith, Kaleb Lyons, Taylor Tucker, Braden Miller, Kaitlyn Rizer, Emily Arno, Jordan Alley, Zayda Shockey, Austin Bare, Sammie Michael.
  • Top FFA Points (Per Nine Weeks):

1st nine weeks- Katie Rowe with 18 points

2nd nine weeks- Katie Rowe with 28 points

3rd nine weeks- Chloe Smith with 33 points 

  • Top FFA Points (Overall):

Overall 1st FFA points- Chloe Smith with 145pts

Overall 2nd FFA points- Katie Rowe with 73 points

Overall 3rd FFA points- Dylan Lyons with 54 points

  • Fundraisers:

Top Fruit Seller- Katie Rowe 

Top Jerky Seller- Katie Rowe 

Top T-Shirt Seller- Sammie Michal 

Top Strawberry Seller- Will Smith 

Top Raffle Ticket Seller- Wyatt Smith

  • Meigs County Junior Fairboard Representatives- Nathaniel Nero and Corey Seth
  • Ohio River Producers Members-Ed Gibbs, James Languel, Jim Diddle, Joe Proffitt, Peggy Gibbs, Jenna Meeks, Melody Bailey, Shawn Donahue, Colton Hamm, Joe Roberts, Rhonda Meeks, Rhonda Rathburn, Tara Roberts, Maxine Rose, Aaron Sayre, and Shirley Sayre, Austin Rose
  • Degrees:
    • Discovery Degree- Xander Alkire ,Madi Arno, Gracie Barton, Matt Bell, Katie Caldwell, Cooper Diddle, Jaylyn Hanna, Piper Hill, Ava Hupp, Caden Hupp, Peyton Johnson, Chloe Kaspy, Josalyn Lavender, Riley Lavender, Justin Lawson, Connor Lehew, Drew Lewis, Owen McCabe, and Maverick McCartney
      • Star Discovery Degree- Gracie Barton 
    • Greenhand Degree- Jordan Alley, Emily Arno, Thomas Bailey, Austin Bare, Hunter Cottrill, Hunter Jarrell, Kaleb Lyons, Sammie Michael, Braden Miller, Kaitlyn Rizer, John Scott, Zayda Shockey, Will Smith, Wyatt Smith, Taylor Tucker, and Skyler Allen
      • Star Greenhand Degree- Hunter Jarrell
    • Chapter Degree- Corey Seth, Hannah Turley, Nathanial Nero, Colin Wemmer, Anthony Whobrey, Waylon Dillon, Caleb Jones, Michelle Adkins, Micaiah Smith, and Austin Stover
      • Star Chapter Degree- Colin Wemmer
    • American Degree- Kristin McKay, Dylan Lyons
  • Outstanding Senior Award- Cassidy Bailey
  • Travis Adams Achievement Award- Braydon Essick

Sponsors Denny and LInda Evans awarding Braydon Essick the 

Travis Adams Achievement Award.

  • Scholastic Winners: 

9th Grade- Wyatt Smith

10th Grade- Corey Seth

11th Grade- Katie Rowe 

12th Grade: Braydon Essick 

  • Officers Books:
    • Kylee Circle- Secretary Gold
    • Chloe Smith- Treasurer Gold
    • Madison VanTrease and Brayden Essick- Reporter Gold
    • Cassidy Bailey and Katie Rowe – National Chapter Award — Bronze
  • Community Service Award (10+ hours)- Theron Black, Braden Miller, Nathanial Nero, Katie Rowe, Austin Stover, Hannah Turley, Anthony Whobrey
  • 2022 Outstanding Entrepreneurship SAE- The winner of this award is Kristin Mckay with a total profit of $4,852.
  • 2022 Outstanding Placement SAE- The winner of this award is Cassidy Bailey with 403 total hours
  • 2022 Ag Certification/Completers Kyle Bailey, BJ Parsons, Corey Lane, Dylan Lyons, Gage Stover
  • Honorary Member- Jenna Meeks and Shawn Donahue
  • 2023-2024 Officers were elected and installed:Retiring Officer-
    • President- Katie Rowe 
    • Vice President- Nathaniel Nero 
    • Secretary- Colin Wemmer 
    • Treasurer- Wyatt Smith
    • Reporter- Will Smith 
    • Sentinel- Hunter Jarrell 
  • Retiring Officers- Kylee Circle, Chloe Smith,Brayden Essick, Cassidy Bailey, and Brayden Sellers. 

Racine Southern FFA also recognizes their outstanding supporters and sponsors at banquet which include: Aaron and Shirley Sayre, Amanda Faulk, Angie and Rick Smith, Angie Dave and Angie Bass, Around the Bend Enterprises (Jared Smith), Athens/Meigs Farm Bureau, Betty Holman, Bill Whitlock, Brenda Johnson (Southern Board of Education), Carmen Adkins, Charlie Wolfe (Southern Maintenance), Christi Hendrix, Christy and Jim Essick, Dan Short, Denny and Linda Evans, Donna Matson and Family, Farm Credit and Rural 1st, Farmers Bank, Hannah Thompson, Hubbards Roses LLC, Jennifer Dunn, Jenn Shortridge and Fred Nero, Jenny Ridenour, Jeremy and Christie Smith, Jeremy Rose, Roses Excavating and Trucking, Jessie Donohue (Don O hew), Jim Ford, Jim Foreman, Joann and Scott Pfeiffer, Jo Dunn, Jonah Hoback, Jon and Jamie Smith, Karen and Shane Circle, Ken and Donna Matson, Kendra Risner, Kenny & Rhonda Meeks, Kimberly Bolin, Maxine Rose, Meigs County Extension, Meigs County Soil and Water Conservation, Mr. Daniel Otto, Mr. Denny Evans (Southern Board of Education), Mr. Russ Fields, Mr. Thomas Woods (Southern Board of Education), Mr. Tony Deem, Ms. Tricia McNickle, Nicole Holman, Ohio FFA Staff, Ohio FFA State Officer Team, Ohio River Producers, Peggy Gibbs, Racine Gun Club, Racine Village, Rhonda Rathburn, Rusty Carnahan, Ruth and Butch Sellers, Sara Goble, Shannon Miller, Sharon Elizabeth Lawrence and Family, Southern Bus Garage, Southern High School Staff, Southern Local Cooks, Tara & Joe Roberts, The Local Butcher/Jenna Meeks and Shawn Donahue, Tim and Elizabeth Thoren, Tim Ihle, Zach Manual, Shade River Ag, Kate Sander and Knots By K (Kelcy Lackey).  We really appreciate all of our sponsors and supporters throughout the whole year.

We had a great evening and appreciated everyone that attended.  We are already planning for next year’s 93rd annual FFA banquet.