May 29, 2024

The Middleport council met in regular session on May 22, 2023 at the Village Hall. Mayor Fred Hoffman presided over the meeting. Present were council members Brian Conde, Matt Lyons, David Dowler, Ben Reed, and Shawn Arnott. Also present were Fiscal Officer Susan Baker, Village Administrator Joe Powell, Assistant Village Administrator Andy Blank, visitors Mary Wise, Nancy Burns, and Bill Lambert.

Opening prayer was given by Matt Lyons, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. The council approved the minutes from the May 8 meeting and payment of the bills approved by the finance committee. 

Brian Conde made a motion to excuse Tyler Andrews for the meeting due to work. Motion was approved.

Mitch Altier of IBI Group who was appointed by the state as the planner of the Appalachian $500 million projects. Altier outlined some of the criteria of the program ad the list of projects from Middleport were discussed, ad was pointed out that some were eligible ad some were not. Mayor Hoffman stated that the list was made at the beginning of the program and that everything that could possibly be needed was placed on the list to make sure nothing was left behind. Altier pointed out criteria was still being modified and would make sure that all items applied for were eligible for the project. Council discussed various projects with Altier and it was suggested that a committee be formed to review and work towards a viable list that could be submitted to the state for funding later this year. The Mayor appointed the following people to the Appalachian 500 committee David Dowler, Shawn Arnott, Matt Lyons, Brian Conde, Mary Wise, Nancy Burns, Susan Baker, Margie Baker-Keilitz and suggested they meet once a month. Conde agreed to chair the  committee. 

Kyrie Cline discussed with council the condition of the Bennett Roush property at 226 Cole Street.  Cline advised the various steps she had gone through and the people and agencies she had contacted to get the property cleaned up. Mayor Hoffman stated that he had discussed the property many times with various individuals and the property was condemned in 2018 ad had been in Magistrate court several times. Hoffman continued that the problem is accessing funds for demolition and legal work if needed. Hoffman advised that he felt the property should be foreclosed on for taxes ad proceed from there. Conde suggested that Ms. Cline meet with the county treasurer ad see what could be done on that end.

Mayor Hoffman spoke on how fortunate the village was to have two paving projects funded through Small Government. “This really never happens” said Hoffman. The two projects were approved for advertising by Council unanimously. 

Hoffman stated that four bids were received on the village roof replacement project. They are as follows: 





The Myor ask Dave Dowler and Joe Powell to review the bids and make recommendations at the next meeting. Hoffman also stated that financing arrangements would also need to be discussed at that time. 

 Huffman also reported that the lines at he basketball area at Hartinger Park had been painted by Jason Jackson’s class at. Meigs High School as a community project. The Mayor stated that they did a good job and it was good to hear about youth doing volunteer jobs such as this. He also thanked them on behalf of the village for a job well done.  Students involved with the project were: Isiah Arms, Zach Caruthers, Jesse Cunningham, Addison  Whitlatch, Chase Justus, Jake Martin, Jacob McDonald, Wyatt Smith, Tyson Cundiff, EN Metzger, Zach Goble, Caden Hall, Tavon Hawk, Roger McKinney, Michael Hudnall, and Hunter Smallwood.

 Hoffman stated that he thought that council has donated $1,000 to the fireworks fund, but Fiscal Officer Susan Baker, stated it was not in the minutes. A motion was made and approved to donate the $1,000 to the fireworks fund. 

 Baker also stated she had talked to Peoples Bank ad other banks about financing the doors to the firehouse, by putting funds which have already been deposited with Peoples Bank into a savings account they would be able to offer a rate of 3.54%.  After a short discussion by council it was approved to use Peoples Bank for the financing.

Ord. 152-23, An amendment to ordinance 112-18 to increase reimbursement amount for volunteer fire fighters was unanimously given a second reading.

Ord. 153-23, An ordinance to allow for a 10% discount on monthly refuse amount for senior citizens was unanimously given a second reading.

A resolution was also passed declaring the necessity to levy a tax for fire protection with a follow-up resolution to be considered at the next regular council meeting.

Powell stated that cemeteries and other areas of town were in good shape for the holiday week-end and that work will continue this week in sprucing up the community.

Andy Blank stated that contacts are still being made with individuals in regards to a fill-in person for when he is on vacation or otherwise unavailable. Also Blank briefly discussed the proposal for using chemicals to help clean out some of the sludge at the lagoon.

Matt Lyons discussed finding a fill-in for Andy Blank and felt it was very important that employees be able to take time off when needed and encouraged continued search for a person who could fill in for Andy.

Conde stated that he has talked to the Wamsley family about the handicapped park area and that a ribbon-cutting will be held in the near future to dedicate this area. He also complimented Powell on the new sidewalk access to the handicapped area.

Council adjourned with the next regular meeting scheduled for June 12.