April 19, 2024

POMEROY, Ohio – Storm damage to a barn at the Meigs County Fairgrounds means repairs will have to be made quickly before the fair begins.

The Meigs County Fairgrounds had damage during the night on July 24. The barn that houses goats, sheep and rabbits during the fair had half of the roof torn off.

Meigs County Agricultural Society Vice President Tara Roberts said the goal would be to repair the barn before the fair. The fair board has 17 days to repair the damages before the start of this year’s fair.

“We received significant damages. Damages have been assessed and plans for repairs are being made,” Roberts said.

She said no one was injured. No one was on the grounds at the time.

Some trees were also brought down or damaged by the storm. No other buildings appeared to be damaged.

Roberts said the fair board has been working on the various projects before this year’s fair. According to her, none of the other new construction projects were impacted by the storm. New projects this year include a new announcers stand at the Grandstand, an addition to the small animal barn, and new hill stage seating and painting.

The Meigs County Fair is set for August 14-19. It is the 160th fair. While the fair was started in 1851, during years of world war and the Great Depression, the fair was not held making this year the 160th.