April 19, 2024

Rutland Mayor Releases Proposed Projects for ACGP Planning

RUTLAND, Ohio (August 10, 2023) — Rutland Mayor Tyler M. Eblin has released a list of proposed projects recommended for consideration by both the Rutland Village Council and the Village’s assigned planner through the Ohio Appalachian Community Grant Program (ACGP).
The Ohio ACGP is a $500 million investment in Ohio’s Appalachian counties to fund downtown revitalization projects. The Village of Rutland has recently partnered with the Mayor’s Partnership with Progress (MPP), headquartered at Ohio University, in the application for the technical assistance grant, the first phase grant of the ACGP. The technical assistance grant provides funding to compensate professional planners, such as architects, engineers and professional municipal planning firms, in identifying eligible projects and planning those projects ahead of an implementation grant application to be submitted once the project planning is completed.
In addition to partnering with MPP, the Village of Rutland will also partner with American Structurepoint and Neighborhood Strategies, both professional planning firms, to begin studying revitalization projects which may be eligible for ACGP funding and appropriately planning the completion of those projects.
“The job of the planners is to pivot the Village in a unique position where it will most likely succeed in securing critical ACGP funding,” comments Mayor Eblin. “Our assigned planners will help us identify an array of revitalization projects and then scale them down to projects that will be most viable, feasible and most likely to succeed in an ACGP implementation grant application.”
Mayor Eblin notes that planners will also assist the Village in designing the projects. Drawings and specifications will be key components in the ACGP implementation grant application.
Projects proposed by Mayor Eblin for consideration by the Rutland Village Council and the Village’s assigned planners include, and not listed in any priority order:
Flood control and management through the construction of retention pond;
Deepening Little Leading Creek to aid in flood control management and facilitating kayaking-based tourism;
Redevelopment and construction of storm sewer drains to aid in flood control management;
Acquisition and restoration of vacant commercial buildings, followed by a lease or sale of those buildings for new business development;
Streetscaping to facilitate downtown revitalization, safety and attractiveness;
Installation of cellular tower or municipal-wide Wi-Fi;
Connection to neighboring communities and facilitation of tourism through the construction of a bicycle and walking path along Little Leading Creek and Leading Creek to the Village of Middleport; and
Reinvestment in recreational facilities to enhance tourism opportunities, such as hiking trails.
“These proposed projects are simply visions. They are not concrete and must be considered by the Rutland Village Council and thoroughly studied by our planners before we can make final decisions in the near future,” comments Mayor Eblin. “Of course, I am open to additional suggestions.”
Mayor Eblin will ask the Rutland Village Council to hold a public hearing to discuss the envisioned projects and gain comment from the general public. A meeting between Neighborhood Strategies and Mayor Eblin is scheduled for August 21, 2023. The Village is currently awaiting a meeting with its assigned planner, American Structurepoint.
Mayor Eblin notes that the ACGP is the Village’s prime opportunity to revitalize its downtown area and promote tourism; however, the Village must convince the State of Ohio it is substantially worthy of its investment of ACGP funds.
“As soon as more information becomes available, it will be released to the general public,” comments Mayor Eblin. “This opportunity is both exciting and vibrant, and certainly an opportunity that cannot be missed by the Village of Rutland.”
Those with questions or suggestions are asked to contact the Mayor’s Office by calling (740) 742 2121, extension 1005.