April 14, 2024

Racine Southern FFA Members compete in the Soils Career Development Events

Written by Will Smith the Racine Southern FFA Reporter and pictures by John Scott Historian 

Rural soil judging provides an opportunity for students to study soils through direct experience in the field. Students learn to describe soil properties, identify different kinds of soils and associated landscape features, and interpret soil information for agriculture and other land uses.

The rural soil team roster: Nathaniel Nero, Wyatt Smith, Xander Alkire, Justin Lawson, Conner Lehew, Noah Heslep, all together this soil team scored a total of 2340 points. For Soils Rural team Nathaniel Nero placed 1st, Wyatt Smith placed 2nd, Xander Alkire placed 3rd, Justin Lawson placed 5th, Conner Lehew placed 7th, and Noah Heslep placed 10th in the local contest in Albany Ohio with Meigs, Eastern, Athens, Vinton county, Federal hocking, and Alexander. 

The rural soils team minus Noah Heslep made it to the D10 soil contest held at the Barlow fairgrounds in Washington County, Ohio. Rural team scored a total of 2023 points and ranked 9th at the D10 soils contest. 

Picture of the Soils rural team at the local soil contest –  (left to right Wyatt Smith, Xandre Alkire, Justin Lawson, Nathaniel  Nero, Conner Lehew, and Noah Heslep. )