April 14, 2024

The Meigs Junior High cheerleaders recently competed in a cheer competition.
The competition consisted of a variety of cheer teams competing against each other, with either a traditional, game-day, or Allstar routine. The competition had mini contests too such as a jump contest and tumble contest.

The girls became interested when they realized there was no cheerleading trophy in the middle schools trophy case. The cheerleaders had practices everyday, even on the weekends to prepare for this competition.

The Meigs Junior High cheerleaders say “it feels amazing to bring a trophy back to the middle school. It was fun competing and getting to make new friends with other cheerleaders participating in the competition. Hearing the other schools cheer us on really helped calm the nerves as we were on the mat. We can’t wait to compete again in February! “

Coached by : Rainy Harrison and Larissa Petrie (for competition)

2nd place trophy and best jumps banner. Top (left to right) Kaydance Chaffins, Baylee Hubbard, Shalynn Billingsley, Camery Harrison, Ava Cecli, Bottom (left to right) Kylee Will , Meah Wittig, Jordyn McKinney, Taylor Nelson and Kyler Phillips