May 29, 2024

Election 2016POMEROY – Numerous seats and issues will be decided by voters almost a month from now.

The General Election is set for November 8, 2016, with early voting starting next week. Appearing on the ballot for Meigs County will everyone from presidential candidates to deciding on local levy issues.

In addition to the candidates listed there are numerous valid write-in candidates for the various offices.

On the ballot county wide

In order of their appearance on the ballot for President and Vice President are: Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine (Democratic); Richard Duncan, Ricky Johnson (Nonparty candidates); Gary Johnson, William Weld (Nonparty candidates); Jill Stein, Ajamu Baraka (Green Party); and Donald J. Trump, Michael R. Pence (Republican).

Running for United States Senator are: Tom Connors (Nonparty candidate); Joseph R. DeMare (Green Party); Rob Portman (Republican); Scott Rupert (Nonparty candidate); and Ted Strickland (Democratic).

Two candidates are vying for Representative to Congress from the 6th District, Bill Johnson (Republican) and Michael L. Lorentz (Democratic).

For State Senator of the 30th District, Lou Gentile (Democratic) and Frank Hoagland (Republican) are running.

In the State Representative contest for the 94th District two are running, Jay Edwards (Republican) and Sarah H. Grace (Democratic).

Running unopposed is Randy Smith (Republican) for Meigs County Commissioner. In a separate seat, Michael Bartrum is also running unopposed for Meigs County Commissioner.

James K. Stanley (Republican) is running unopposed for Meigs County Prosecuting Attorney.

Also appearing on the ballot unopposed is Sammi Sisson Mugrage (Republican) for Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas.

Keith O. Wood is unopposed in his bid for Meigs County Sheriff as well.

Also unopposed for County Recorder is Kay Hill (Republican) and for County Treasurer, Peggy Yost (Republican).

Gene Triplett (Republican) is the sole candidate for County Engineer.

No valid petition was filed for Meigs County Coroner.

For the one open seat to be a member of the State Board of Education, five people are running. They are Vickie D. Briercheck, Craig Brown, Nancy P. Hollister, Debbie Phillips, and Kathleen Purdy.

Maureen O’Conner is unopposed for Justice of the Supreme Court (full term commencing January 1, 2017).

For Justice of the Supreme Court (full term commencing January 1, 2017), Pat Fischer and John P. O’Donnell are running.

In a third Supreme Court Justice position (full term commencing January 2, 2017), Pat DeWine and Cynthia Rice are running for that seat.

Also running for Judge of the Court of Appeals 4th District is Valerie K. Gerlach and Matthew W. McFarland.