May 28, 2024

Letter to the Editor: Call that ‘America strengthen the spine of the timid and weak’

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“If you are a patriotic American, you have a passion for liberty and a reverence for God. This American experiment, started by revolutionaries, was born of mankind’s free will. Our founding fathers opened that seed to a sprout that gave Americans a core document—our Constitution.

Man has always had a desire to conquer. It took a Civil War to open this free will of men to all races in America. Our core was amended. Our Constitution was strengthened. However, words on paper do not mean hearts are changed. If you are a patriotic American you see that each individual has an opportunity to reach their God-given level of achievement.

Other countries have had monarchies, dictatorships, and socialism which led to communism, as their order of government. Each of these reign in man’s free will. Those in charge, be it a king, ruler, or bureaucrat, demand your compliance to their views, laws, or wishes. Each American has a responsibility, when given their free will, to honor the laws or commandments of God, such as: do not kill your neighbor, do not steal from your neighbor, do not covet your neighbor’s possessions, and take care of and show grace to widows and orphans. It isn’t complicated.

After eight years of Obama’s transformation, an American’s free will has been fenced in dramatically. If you support a monarchy, a dictatorship, or socialism, you are not a patriotic American. There are thousands of examples where bureaucrats have taken their iron boot and stomped an American’s free will. Our nation is divided between those who want to control–or be controlled because our educational system has taught them to be incompetent and reliant on a government program. The other half have a desire for free will–to live their lives to the potential that only God can limit.

May each patriotic American strengthen the spine of the timid and weak. And may America grab the iron boot of socialism and heave it into a manure pile. For, as manure is a waste product of livestock, socialism is a system that wastes the potential of each of us.”

Dan Lantz

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