It seems hard to believe but there are still people around here that don’t know recycling is available in Meigs and Gallia counties.

In both counties the recycling program is administered by the Gallia-Jackson-Meigs-Vinton (GJMV) Solid Waste District which has had a contract with Rumpke Waste & Recycling to handle the recycling containers since Jan. 1, 2014 (at least in Meigs County). Prior to that time the recycling program in Meigs County was administered by the Meigs County Litter Control Office and then the Meigs Soil and Water Conservation District.

I don’t want to preach about all the reasons you should recycle, but just be aware that it conserves natural resources, reduces the amount of trash going into landfills, and helps the economy by reducing the cost of materials and keeping the source of raw materials right here in the USA. It is basically the right thing to do, and it’s pretty easy. A friend of mine works in an office and his company offers Soft Plastic Recycling for Business which I think is great! Some businesses are not very environmentally friendly but it’s things like this that help the planet. Everyone should be doing their part in order to make this planet a lot cleaner than it is. It is not only households that should be conscious of this though. This also applies to businesses too, no matter how small you are. By making a start by investing in baler machines, you will be doing your duty in looking after the environment by doing something as simple as recycling cardboard and other materials. It is understandable for people to forget to do this, but it is something that everyone should contribute to.

Residents in both counties have their choice of 17 different places to drop off their recycling.

In Meigs County, recycling bins are located in Middleport, at the Municipal Building Parking Lot on Pearl Street; Pomeroy, on Hiland Road near state Route 7; Syracuse, at the roadside park on Third Street (state Route 124); Racine, on Third Street at the village garage/water building near Star Mill Park; Salem Center Volunteer Fire Department; Columbia Township VFD; Rutland, Depot Street; Chester Commons, and across from the Eastern Local School District administrative offices on state Route 681 in Tuppers Plains.

In Gallia County bins are located at the Walnut Township Garage on state Route 141 in Cadmus; at City Hall in Cheshire; the Guyan Township Trustee Building in Mercerville; at the Rio Grande VFD; at the Marathon Station in Rodney; Silver Bridge Plaza in Gallipolis; the Gallia County Senior Citizens Center on state Route 160 in Gallipolis, and at the Vinton VFD on Clay Street.

These are the items that are accepted: metal cans, cardboard, paperboard and paper products, plastic bottles and jugs, cardboard cartons and glass bottles and jars.

Things that are NOT recyclable include: plastic grocery bags and other plastic bags, plastic wrapping, plastic tubs, toys, and buckets; plastic containers without a bottleneck; hazardous and flammable material; dishes, ceramics and window glass; metal hangers, wire and scrap; needles and other medical items; electronics and car parts.

To recap: the only plastic that goes in are bottles and jugs, the only metal is metal cans, and the only glass is bottles and jars; then cardboard, paperboard, paper products and cartons – not trash, garbage or food!

Sadly I think many people consider or believe the recycling containers to be dumpsters, because there is usually a lot of trash in them. They are not for garbage, and putting your trash in them is littering. I’ve seen furniture, mattresses, televisions, carpet, and you-name-it placed in or even just near the containers.

The GJMV Solid Waste District offers the following tips for using the drop off boxes: place materials in the container loose. If you use plastic bags to transport your items, please reuse your bags; do not overfill the containers or place anything outside of them; close the lid or door when you are done to prevent stuff from blowing out and help keep the site clean.

It’s too easy – just put your stuff in a reusable tote and when your tote is full just stop by and dump it in. No sorting. If the containers are full, just wait a few days. You may be amazed at how much less trash you are putting out for collection, trash that would be going into a landfill instead of being reused. For more information go to

Jim Freeman is the wildlife specialist for the Meigs Soil and Water Conservation District. He can be contacted weekdays at 740-992-4282 at [email protected]