The proposed routes for the project. ODOT graphic.

MARIETTA, Ohio – Following what became a contentious proposal for a walkway in Syracuse, the Ohio Department of Transportation announced June 15, 2017 that the project will not be moving forward.

Residents in the village have been divided on the location of the second phase of the proposed walking path. The department stated the division has reached a point the forward progress with the project has been impeded. The Village of Syracuse applied in 2015 for and was awarded funds from the Ohio Department of Transportation’s Transportation Alternatives Program for construction of a second phase of the Syracuse Walkway.

According to ODOT, “The Department has worked with village officials, consulting parties and residents on the development of this project, it has become clear that the community is deeply divided. The divisions are deep enough to have damaged the ability to have open and transparent communications between the project’s sponsor and interested parties. The Department is rescinding the Transportation Alternatives Program funding awarded to this project. The Department will no longer carry forward any further project development activities and the project will be put in closed status.”

The second phase design plans were to have been completed in Feb. 2017 with the project being awarded to the contractor in May 2017. The walkway was to “extend the walkway along the west side of SR 124 within existing right of way (from the US Post Office to the Waters Edge of Syracuse Apartments at the northern edge of the Village).” A cross walk was planned on State Route 124 to connect the walkway to the Rizer Family Park which is at the intersection of Dusky Street.