OSHP honors Gallia man for his courageous effort to assist wounded patrolman in 1965

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio State Highway Patrol honored retirees at a cookout for their service on June 23, 2017. During that service, a Gallia County man was recognized for his efforts in 1965 to assist a patrolman.

On May 3, 1965, Patrolman Clifford Russel was in course of investigating a car involved with a missing person case when he was shot. Russel Fellure happened to be driving by the scene and stopped to see if he could help the patrolman. Fellure administered aid to Patrolman Russel while they waited for help to arrive. The Patrol felt his actions were deserving of a more proper thank you, even 52 years later.

A certificate presented to Fellure from the OSHP stated Fellure had given assistance to Patrolman Russell in a time of need. Patrolman Russell had been shot by a motorist during the investigation and had returned fire, but needed help for the wounds he had sustained. According to the OSHP, Patrolman Russell had approached the roadway signaling for help with a flashlight.

Fellure responded and stopped, administering needed first aid to Patrolman Russell. According to OSHP, Fellure also kept watch for the attacker as well. He was recognized for his “great courage and selflessness through his willingness to assist a patrolman in a critical event,” according to the certificate of appreciation presented to Fellure.