May 27, 2024

Kelly Roush, DC, Director, Sports Medicine, Holzer Health System.

Kelly Roush, DC, Director, Sports Medicine, Holzer Health System.

Holzer Sports Medicine addressing local athlete needs

SOUTHEAST OHIO – Holzer Health System has been providing full-time certified athletic trainers to local area high schools for the past 20 years.

Currently, Holzer Sports Medicine collaborates with 12 local area high schools and the University of Rio Grande supplying full-time athletic trainers as well as a team physician and/or practitioner for most of these schools. At Holzer Health System, the sports medicine services include but are not limited to, sports physicals, sports injury coverage of local athletic events, fitness programs, sports injury clinics in Gallipolis, Jackson, Pomeroy, Athens, and Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Holzer provides a multidisciplinary approach to address the overall health of the athlete. Some injuries require extra attention like physical therapy in order to recover successfully, or else they could be persistent problems in the future if the injury is not dealt with properly. If the athlete is not in the vicinity to access this type of care, and are unable to travel due to the injury, they will need to look at closer recovery centers at their location to get the help they need. A sports massage jacksonville fl service may be in the right area for them, otherwise, they will need to look at places in their general proximity.

Holzer has Sports and Academic partnerships with Marshall University and Marshall Orthopaedics, Ohio University and the University of Rio Grande.

“Holzer genuinely cares about the people in this community,” Dr. Kelly Roush, Director of Sports Medicine, said. “We take an active role in the community and initiated the process of supplying certified athletic trainers to our local schools for quick emergency care and quality sports medicine services on site. The primary objective for Holzer is to keep the environment safe for every athlete, and to ensure that all participants are as healthy as possible”.

The Holzer Sports Medicine team provides sports injury coverage for local community events including the Annual Hoop Project in Gallipolis, the Gus Macker Tournament in Athens, Ohio, the WSAZ Wrestling Tournament, West Virginia and Ohio State Football Playoff games, West Virginia Regional Wrestling Tournament skin checks, and the Ohio District Basketball Tournament. They also provide coverage at local track meets, local youth events and camps for football, basketball, wrestling, volleyball, cheerleading, baseball/softball and gymnastics.

Holzer is proud to donate funding toward athletic training for local area schools for over two decades, including stadium and equipment donations for various functions. Holzer is very active in academic support hosting science awards and provides scholarship opportunities for our local communities, and fair awards/sponsorships for seven local county fairs.

To learn more about Holzer Sports Medicine services, visit or call (740) 446-5534.