June 17, 2024

Traffic Stop Blitz Conducted

POMEROY, Ohio – Two individuals with nationwide warrants have been taken into custody following a two-day traffic blitz by local law enforcement.

According to Sheriff Keith Wood, on Friday and Saturday nights June 21-22, the Meigs County Sheriff’s Deputies and K-9 unit conducted a Traffic Blitz in the Rutland and Harrisonville areas. Assisted by Rutland Police, Ohio State Patrol and the Middleport Police K-9 unit, the blitz was conducted to ensure public and roadway safety due to the expected increase of vehicle traffic because of two large events being held in the area that weekend. The increased law enforcement presence in the area resulted in two separate unrelated vehicle pursuits, with two stolen vehicles recovered. Both drivers from the incidents had nationwide felony warrants for their arrests. Both were taken into custody and returned to the jurisdictions they were wanted in. In addition, a female, that was in one of the vehicles was arrested on a drug possession charge and is awaiting her court appearance.

In a third incident, a speeding vehicle attempted to evade deputies by turning off on a side road and hiding from officers. After a short search the vehicle was located, and the passenger was found to have a warrant for his arrest out of Athens County with cautions for violent tendencies and escape risks. He was arrested on the warrant and transported to Athens.  

Over the two-day blitz, four other subjects were cited for driving under suspension, two DUI stops were made, and several subjects received citations for minor drug possession offenses. Several verbal warnings for vehicle defects and other minor traffic violations were given to multiple drivers as well.

As a side note of interest, although several of the visitors that had traveled into the area to attend the weekend events were stopped and given some of the traffic warnings, it is believed none of them were involved in any of the above mentioned criminal arrests or citations.