April 18, 2024

Tony Carnahan, Candidate for Recorder

Tony Carnahan, Candidate for Meigs County Recorder

Letter to the Voters: Tony Carnahan, Recorder Candidate

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The Meigs Independent Press does not participate in advertising for or endorsing candidates. The submissions from candidates are a service to the voters and the people of Meigs County. Candidates were invited to write an open letter to the voters. It is published as submitted, unedited.)

I’m Tony Carnahan and I am a running for the office of Meigs County Recorder. I am a lifelong resident of Meigs County. I was born in Pomeroy and currently reside in Racine. I am the son of the Nancy Carnahan and the late Jim Carnahan. I have three children Rusty, Dakota and Mackenzie. 

I am currently a bus driver for Meigs Local School District. I have always been a strong supporter of Meigs County. I currently serve as a Chairman of the Board of Supervisors for the Meigs County Soil and Water Conservation District. I am also a member of the Farm Bureau, Big Bend Antiques Club and Racine Grange. I enjoy spending time with the River City Players and serving on the executive committee of the Republican Party. 

I take pride in Meigs County and look forward to working for its’ citizens should I have the honor of being elected as Meigs County Recorder on March 17th. I am eager to learn the inner workings of the Recorder’s Office. I look forward to working alongside Elizabeth Wolfe and Mary Knopp to ensure that every document received is accurately filed, recorded and indexed so that they are easily accessible to general public as well as attorneys and title examiners. I understand that whether you are researching real estate titles or doing a genealogy study, the Recorder’s Office is an important resource. I am willing to do what it takes and put in the time to guarantee that your tax dollars are well spent as I work to move the office forward and make any necessary changes to better serve you. 

I would look forward to the opportunity to serve as your Meigs County Recorder and ask for your vote on March 17th.

Tony Carnahan, Candidate for Meigs County Recorder