May 29, 2024
Pot Roast. Nana’s Kitchen photo.

Nana’s Kitchen: Pot Roast

Greetings, home cooks, welcome to Nana’s Kitchen,

Sometimes you get an urge for a specific meal. This week it has been a pot roast with vegetables. A crockpot fits the bill for slow cooking of this tougher cut of meat. Providing a beef and vegetable meal for your family that you can prepare economically.

Pot roast is not a cut of meat itself. It is a tasty, braised beef dish made by browning the meat before cooking in a slow, lower temperature. A pot roast can be prepared in a casserole dish, Dutch oven, roasting pan, crock pot or the popular Instant Pot. The pressure cooking method being faster.

Most recipes call for browning the meat on the stove before placing in the crockpot but browning is not required if you need to cut a little prep time. To prevent the roast from drying out add liquid such as beef stock, broth or water. To make a full meal potatoes and other vegetables can be added along with a variety of spices.

The tougher the cut of meat the better the roast. Tougher cuts of meat have tough connective tissue but when cooked low and slow the tissue softens. This is not a quick meal. Cooking at a higher temperature over a short period of time can create a tougher meal. Simmering for hours results in the tender roast you and your family will enjoy. And the crockpot is great for busy families. 

To select your roast, choose a tough cut with lots of marbling. Cuts you might choose include:

  • beef chuck roast- other cuts of meat from the from the front portion of the cow may be called chuck eye, blade roast, shoulder roast, shoulder steak, or even pot roast.
  • beef brisket – usually for barbecue, it can make a good roast. Brisket is from the chest or lower chest with long strands of meat.
  • bottom round roast is from the rear of the animal and is a leaner cut of meat. It is also called bottom round, rump roast and London broil.

While shopping for a roast (I was at a Kroger) the following prices were noted. Beef chuck $6.49 per pound, blade cut $6.49 per pound, shoulder $6.96 per pound, bottom round $7.49 per pound, London broil $7.99 per pound. Brisket at $5.99 per pound was the least expensive, however, the piece of meat weighed 11 to 12 pounds. Too much for 2 people but great for a family barbecue. I am sure prices vary from store to store and in different regions. You may have specials at your store from time to time. Take advantage when you can. 

Ingredients in the crock pot. Nana’s Kitchen photo.

Crockpot Pot Roast- a basic recipe, serving 6.

3 pound chuck roast
Olive oil for browning 1-2tablespoons
1 yellow medium onion
6 yellow potatoes or a few more
4-6 carrots
3 cups beef broth
2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce 
Thyme and rosemary, dried, a tablespoon each
Salt and pepper

Clean vegetables, peel carrots if you like. Cut into 2 inch chunks. The potatoes do not need peeling, but cut in half for larger ones. Peel and cut onion in half.
Salt and pepper the meat on both sides. Brown roast in hot oil on stove. Browning both sides.
Place browned meat in bottom of crockpot. Place vegetables on top of meat. Add beef broth and Worcestershire sauce. 
Sprinkle dried rosemary and thyme over everything.
Cook on low setting for 8 hours.
When done, remove some of the broth and make gravy using flour of cornstarch on the stove. 
Serve with salad or slaw and rolls for a pleasing meal. 


I used a crockpot liner for easier clean up. I also used a smaller cut of meat to make 2 servings with a little leftover, there were more carrots. ( I really like carrots) This dish can easily be adjusted to your needs.
There are varied recipes out there that use other ingredients such as wine, I used a splash of red wine in my roast, garlic, celery, fresh rosemary and thyme. I used fresh rosemary and thyme from my little herb garden. Russet potatoes may be used as well as red potatoes. Balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard and parsley may be used. 
Make this your own by adding the ingredients you prefer. Perhaps you have a family recipe to use.
This can be a gluten free meal by using corn starch to make the gravy.

Enjoy your creation!

May you have a blessed day.