This Valentine’s Day, Show Your Love for Meigs County on Cause Connector 

This Valentine’s Day, Show Your Love for 
Meigs County on Cause Connector

Give to a Local Project on Giving Website

POMEROY, Ohio  Move over Cupid; there’s another matchmaker in town! The second annual Cause Connector launches on Valentine’s Day. It was developed by the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio (FAO) as a way to give to communities and causes close to your heart.

Cause Connector is a giving website that connects people who want to make a difference with local, nonprofit projects working in Appalachian Ohio’s communities by “matching” them with the causes important to them.

At, donors easily search for projects serving local communities, including Meigs County, across the areas of Arts and Culture, Community and Economic Development, Education, Environmental Stewardship, and Health and Human Services. 

In the 2021 inaugural year of Cause Connector, one project funded in Meigs County was the Meigs Primary Summer Reading program. This Education project provided funds to Meigs Primary School to purchase books. The program allows students to participate in learning opportunitiesthroughout the summer with educational resources.

“We are excited to offer Cause Connector again this year as a way to connect donors who want to make a difference with investment-ready projects in our local communities,” said Cara Dingus Brook, FAO’s president and CEO. “Our region is full of leaders with innovative solutions and ideas for helping others. Cause Connector is designed to support their success.”

Appalachian Ohio has access to 90 percent fewer grant and scholarship dollars per capita than the rest of the state. This “Philanthropy Gap” means the region’s students, nonprofits, schools, and community organizationshave less support to continue education, meet pressing needs, and pursue opportunities that can make a tremendous difference.

Cause Connector was built with the Philanthropy Gap in mind so that donors find projects close to their heart that are ready to make a difference in Appalachian Ohio today. You also can support long-term resources for the Meigs County community with a gift to the Meigs County Foundation on Cause Connector. 

Nonprofits on Cause Connector have from February 14 until April 8 to receive funding to make their projects possible, which means donors can share their love well beyond Valentine’s Day. Gifts of all sizes are welcome at