May 28, 2024

Dressing added and ready to serve. Nana’s Kitchen photo.

Nana’s Kitchen: Vegetable Salad

Greetings, home cooks, welcome to Nana’s Kitchen,

Grocery shopping for fresh vegetables the other day at my local grocery store was a dismal affair. The vegetable shelves were bare in spots and some of the produce was in poor shape. I know there are shortages and it is the start of growing season. All of this makes me long for fresh garden produce. Especially tomatoes, squash, green beans, leafy greens, peas, and other various items. 

I have been trying to monitor my eating and be a little healthier. Less sweets and soda pop. Walking more. Nothing outrageous just being aware of my health. Besides the fact that the doctor encourages some weight loss. So I am on the lookout for ways to prepare vegetables differently than the standard boil and eat method. Having fresh produce this summer will make the endeavor a little easier and fun. 

So todays recipe is easy. More flavorful when some fresh produce is available at the farmers market. Or for those of you with gardens, fresh from there.

I enjoy going to the local farmers markets when they are open. Like a box of chocolates you never know what you will find!

Vegetable Salad

1 medium yellow squash, quartered and sliced, about 2 cups
1 cup sliced green beans, fresh if you have them, or use frozen, cut into bite size pieces
5 ounces baby spinach, about 7 cups
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
Salt and pepper to taste

Steam the squash and green beans until crisp tender.
Placed steamed vegetables in a large bowl and add spinach leaves.
Gently toss to combine.
In a small bowl mix together the olive oil and red wine vinegar, seasoning to taste with the salt and pepper.
Using half the dressing, drizzle over the salad and toss to combine. You may not need all the dressing.
Serve and enjoy as a side or as a quick healthy lunch.

Be sure your vegetables are all about the same size for uniform steaming.
You do not need to cool the vegetables. They cool down on their own fairly quickly.
Half the dressing seemed enough for me.
This dressing was fairly bland. I will make this again and try some Italian dressing. It will amp up the flavor. Store bought for convenience or try something else. 
This is the fun of cooking. Trying different flavors you may prefer. There is no right or wrong.
You could use zucchini instead of the squash or a combination of both. 
This is healthy and low calorie. The calories are in the dressing.
There is a nice crunch to this salad.

Have a Blessed Sunday.