First responders have been searching following a report of a potential jumper from the bridge. Multiple agencies are involved in the search. Photo by Carrie Rose.

First Responders Searching for Possible Person Jumping from Bridge

UPDATE – More information has been released regarding an alleged jumping from the Pomeroy/Mason Bridge also known as the Bridge of Honor.

An individual law enforcement was looking for involving the supposed jumping, has now been located by the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office. The person was safe and uninjured when deputies picked him up.

Further Mason Police Department stated as of publishing, there is no further evidence that someone actually jumped from the bridge. Chief Colton G. McKinney with the Mason Police Department stated they have suspended searching.

POMEROY, Ohio – First responders have been searching the Ohio River near the Bridge of Honor looking for someone that may have jumped last night from the bridge.

According to Mason Police Department Chief Colton G. McKinney, multiple agencies have been involved since an eye witness said they saw someone jump from the bridge. Area fire departments mobilized with their rescue boats to search the water while others combed the river banks. At one point, with the weather conditions and the level of the Ohio River, it was difficult for first responders to continue searching. The search was then called off until today.

Chief McKinney said there is a person of interest law enforcement would like to locate. They are not positive the individual may have been the one on the bridge. They would like to locate the individual, whose name they are not releasing. This person was seen about 11:40 p.m. on June 11, 2022. This individual was last seen in the area of Walmart and the bridge. Anyone with information about the location of the individual should call (304)675-9911.

“If you know the whereabouts of this person, please contact us as soon as possible,” Chief McKinney said.

First responders involved on June 11 for the search in addition to the Mason PD included the Mason County Sheriff’s Office, Meigs County Sheriff’s Office, Pomeroy Police Department, Mason Fire Department, New Haven Fire Department, Pomeroy Fire Department, Middleport Fire Department, and Syracuse Fire Department.

The search resumed on June 12 with Mason Police Department, West Virginia State Police, West Virginia State Police Aviation Unit, Pomeroy Police Department, Middleport Police Department, Mason Fire Department, Pomeroy Fire Department, Syracuse Fire Department, Middleport Fire Department, and New Haven Fire Department. Chief McKinney said a special K9 recovery unit would be on the scene today as well.

At times portions of the bridge have been closed to traffic during the search.

The chief was unsure how long first responders would be around the bridge or in the Ohio River searching. “Hopefully, we will have and answer sometime today,” he said. He urged anyone with information about the person of interest to call.