June 16, 2024

As New Fireworks Law Takes Effect, Know Which Communities Opted Out

As New Fireworks Law Takes Effect, Know Which Communities Opted Out

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A new law allows Ohioans to legally discharge fireworks on certain holidays. Ohioans can legally discharge 1.4G consumer fireworks in Ohio on specific days unless the relevant political subdivision has chosen to ban their use. Under previous law, individuals could purchase consumer-grade fireworks in Ohio but had to transport them out of state within 48 hours.

The State Fire Marshal provides rules to the public related to the new fireworks law. For a complete look at everything your community would want to know about the new fireworks law and rules, visit https://com.ohio.gov/divisions-and-programs/state-fire-marshal/fireworks or see the detailed law here https://com.ohio.gov/divisions-and-programs/state-fire-marshal/fireworks/guides-and-resources/ofc-section-5626

In addition, the State Fire Marshal has developed FAQs for both the general public and for the State Fire Marshal’s fire service partners. These FAQs can be reviewed by clicking the following links:

FAQs for Consumers – Ohio’s New Fireworks Law | Ohio Department of Commerce

FAQ for Fire Service – Ohio’s New Fireworks Laws | Ohio Department of Commerce

Some political subdivisions across the state have “opted out,” in whole or in part, from the legalization of 1.4G/Consumer fireworks discharges as authorized by HB 172.