May 29, 2024

Week Five Yard of the Week is the home of Moon and Tracy Stanford.

Village of Middleport Features Yard of the Week

MIDDLEPORT, Ohio – Each week the Village of Middleport chooses a yard to feature for the landscaping and work put into it.

Week 1 – Steve and Beckey Carson
Their home is located at 706 Art Lewis Street. Steve Carson is the second generation at the location. Steve and Beckey purchased it four years ago from his parents. Beckey has turned their home into a landscaping showcase. She has built a 3,000 gallon koi pond which has went through many changes, each time growing larger. The pond has a waterfall, fountain, numerous water plants, and a crossover bridge to get to the front door. The landscaping includes plantings such as mammoth elphant ear, canna lily, hasta, snap dragon, lupine, iris, and banana plant, just to name a few. Forty bags of mulch surround the pond and Beckey says it will take about 20 more to complete. She has her own small greenhouse and starts some of her plants from scratch. Her grandson, Kendaven, is very proud of his own miniature koi pond and fairy garden off to the side.

Week 2 – Helen James
Helen James came from Parkersburg and lived 30 years off of State Route 833. She moved into this home in Middleport on 673 High Street about 7 years ago. She worked at Crow’s Restaurant for about 12 Years. When she purchased this home, she had her son-in-law do a total renovation clear to the studs. She has done a great deal to the outside too with freshly done landscaping. The bird house tree is the center feature with a Japanese Maple on the other side. Around the house there are canter bean, day lilies, pink rain lilies, roses, daisies, hanging ferns, and numerous figurines. Helen’s home always looks neat and well taken care of.

Week 3 – Mike and Kathy Wilfong
Mike and Kathy Wilfong have mostly lived in Middleport area since 1975. Moving out for a short while and then to 1 Peach Street since 1985. Mike is from Vinton originally and Kathy is from a small farming community called Gratiot close to Zanesville. Kathy worked for the courts which included five years with Chris Tenoglia’s office. Mike spent 39 years as a teacher, counselor, and substitute. Mike does his own yard work which always looks professionally done. He has help from his grandson Baylor who is 8 years old. They have a few plantings which include wandering jew, peony, and hanging ferns.

Week 4 – Sandy Brown
Sandy Brown was born in Middleport, Ohio and lived here until she was 15. Then she moved to Columbus with her parents until the year 2000 when she moved back. Sandy owned an antique shop downtown and was on Council for eight years. Her yard at 1368 Powell Street is always well groomed and the landscaping is full of a variety of plantings. Her driveway is lined with juniper and her home is surrounded by boxwood, azalea, bee balm, impatiens, cone flowers, roses, hibiscus, and iris.

Week 5 – Moon and Tracy Stanford
Moon and Tracy Stanford live at 483 Beech St. Moon has lived there since 2003 and Tracy since 2005. Moon is originally from Pomeroy and Tracy is originally from Summersville, West Virginia but moved to Mason when she was very young. Both do the yardwork and it always looks so nice because Tracy is very meticulous. Their 6-year-old granddaughter, Timberlynn, chose the plantings and placement. She did a great job. There is a variety of plants which include daylilies, live forever, peony, hasta, forsythia, rose, morning glory, hibiscus just to name a few. Also in the yard is a peach tree, red bud, rhododendron, ornamental grass, and a small garden on the side which includes watermelon, cucumber, and tomatoes.

Week 6 – Martha Whipkey
Martha Whipkey moved into 965 Ash Street about six months ago from
Moundsville. Martha has four children, two sons and two daughters. One son
lives in Somerton, Ohio and one lives in Japan serving his country.

Week 7 – Jim and Betty Farley
Jim and Betty Farley purchased this home at 947 Ash St. in 2016. Jim is from
Crystal Lake, Illinois and moved to this area in 2006. Betty is from Ashton, West Virginia and moved to Meigs County in 2008. Jim worked at a metal foundry for 30 years in Crystal Lake and served his country in Germany for three years. Betty worked at McDonalds in Point Pleasant for 12 years and Holzer Home Care for five years. Jim does the lawn maintenance for his and his neighbor’s yard and they are always well taken care of. On the porch and around the yard are a variety of plants which include hibiscus, rhododendron, impatiens, poinsettia, (neatly trimmed) azaleas and something you rarely see a papaya tree.