April 12, 2024

First place winners in photography classes along with all the photo entries are on display in the Rutland Bottle Gas Domestic Arts Building through the 2022 Meigs County Fair. Carrie Rose photo.

2022 Meigs County Fair Photography Results

ROCKSPRINGS, Ohio – The results are in for the 2022 Meigs County Fair entries.

All results are listed with the names of the first place winner, second, and then third. If there is no second or third place winner, there will be no names listed.

Class 1 Individual Portrait: Sharon Dean; Kristen Barnhart; Andrew Johnson.
Class 2 Self Portrait: Andrew Johnson; Wendi Miller.
Class 3 Real Candid Moment: Andrew Johnson; Doug Hunter; Natasha Beasley.
Class 4 Friends Having Fun: Andrew Johnson; Natasha Beasley; Wendi Miller.
Class 5 Sports or Action Shot: Andrew Johnson; Stephanie Lewis; Karen Smith.

Landscapes/Still Life
Class 6 Plant and Flowers: Andrew Johnson; Tonja Hunter; Sharon Dean.
Class 7 Water: Sharon Dean; Stephanie Lewis; Sara Ervin.
Class 8 Morning/Evening: Andrew Johnson; Stacy Marcinko; Sharon Dean.
Class 9 Animals/Insects: Andrew Johnson; Sharon Dean; Tonja Hunter.
Class 10 Architecture: Ruby Lechler; Bryant Mohler; Stephanie Lewis.
Class 11 Drone Photography: Robert Bailey.
Class 12 Life on the Farm: Patreece Beegle; Andrew Johnson; Sharon Dean.

Meigs County Proud
Class 13 History: Andrew Johnson; Robert Bailey.
Class 14 Pomeroy: Andrew Johnson, Lisa Short.
Class 15 Middleport: Lisa Short.
Class 16 Rutland: Andrew Johnson.
Class 17 Chester: Andrew Johnson; Robert Bailey; Lisa Short.
Class 18 Racine: Andrew Johnson; Sharon Dean.
Class 19 Reedsville: Lisa Short.
Class 20 Tuppers Plains: Andrew Johnson.
Class 22 Meigs County Fairgrounds: Wendi Miller; Stephanie Lewis; Dalton T. Ervin.
Class 23 What is the Fair: Wendi Miller; Robert A. Bailey; Lisa Short.

Abstract/Fine Art
Class 24 Macro/Micro: Robert A. Bailey; Erin Bradford; Tina Karr.
Class 25 Textures & Patterns: Andrew Johnson; Ruby Lechler; Stephanie Lewis.
Class 26 Single Color: Sharon Dean; Wendi Miller; Lisa Short.
Class 27 Weird Fashions: Vanessa Folmer; Sharon Dean; Lisa Short.
Class 28 Freestyle: Patreece Beegle: Wendi Miller; Opal Huggins.
Class 29 Fine Art Portrait: Andrew Johnson; Lisa Short; Stephanie Lewis.

Class 30 Joy: Kristen Barnhart; Lisa Short; Andrew Johnson.
Class 31 Melancholoy: Lisa Short; Wendi Miller; Robert A. Bailey.
Class 32 Determined: Robert A. Bailey; Andrew Johnson; Lisa Short.
Class 33 Heartbreak/Loss: Lisa Short; Andrew Johnson; Bryant Mohler.
Class 34 Victory: Lisa Short; Opal Huggins; Andrew Johnson.

Trick Photography
Class 35 Trick Photography: Lisa Short; Robert A. Bailey; Andrew Johnson.

Advanced Pro/Semi Pro
Class 36 People: Raymond M. Johnson.
Class 37 Landscapes: Raymond M. Johnson.

Class 38 Landscapes: Lyla Beasley; Bryant Mohler.
Class 39 Picture Showing Fun: Lyla Beasley; Bryant Mohler; Everett Huggins.
Class 40 Around the Farm: Lyla Beasley; Everett Huggins.