April 19, 2024

Winners of the Livestock Judging Contest. Submitted photo.

Racine Southern FFA Hosts Second Livestock Judging Contest

ROCKSPRINGS, Ohio – On August 18, 2022 the Meigs FFA Chapter and the Southern FFA Chapter hosted the Second Annual Livestock Judging Contest at the Meigs County Fair.

In this event four animals of the same species (lamb, cattle, pig, goat) line up in front of the participant “judges.”  The participants then have to judge the animals, as if they were the livestock judge themselves. They are asked to fill out a judging card. This card has several questions on it including: asking them to place their livestock in order from first through fourth place based on market class; explain their reasoning on why they chose this particular order; and answer a few questions about each species. 

After the participants judged the animals, the scores were calculated using a livestock judging scoring system and participants were placed in each of the age divisions. There were three age divisions: Adult, Senior and Junior.  The participant in each division with the scores that were closest to the score provided by an official judge would receive a prize.

The official judge this year was Chase Meeks, who has an Animal Science Degree with a Meat Science focus from The Ohio State University.  Meeks is also a butcher at the Local Butcher in Athens, Ohio and raises his own beef cattle.  

The Adult Division top five based on total points includes Shelby Runyoun (191), Tim Lawson (185), Samantha Smith (181), Meghan Parry, (179) and Misty Evans with 178 total points. In the Senior Division the top five were Whitney Durst (209), Wyatt Smith (201), Melinda Lawson (201), Lizzie Parry (201), and McKenzie Long that had a total of 195 points. The Junior Division Top five were Marcy Evans (194), Makenna Rankin (185), Amos Schoover (182), Kadence Zuspan (180), and Lucas Roush who got a total of 173 points. 

The participants who competed were able to learn about what is important in the livestock market industry today, as well as have fun in enjoying an evening as a livestock judge. Overall the contest had an amazing turnout with 80 participants. Congratulations to everyone that participated and we hope to see you all next year at this event.

The FFA Chapters expressed gratitude for those donating prizes. These sponsors include: Amanda Brickles, Baum Lumber, Color Street, Farm Credit, Foggy River Candle, Harris and Lisle Families, Hr Signs and Ts, Knots by K, Lazy K Designs, Parkersburg Liquidation, R&R Farms, Route 7 Feed and Supply, Saige Roberts, Shade River Ag, Sunshine Acres, Sweet Southern Soul Boutique, The Local Butcher, Thompson Family, Meigs FFA Alumni, Ohio River Producers, Kendra Risner, Jennifer Dunn and Hannah Thompson, and Jenna Meeks.

Information provided by Braydon Essick, 2022-2023 Racine Southern FFA Reporter.