June 17, 2024

POMEROY, Ohio – The London Pool is now set to open following the latest Meigs County Board of Commissioners meeting.

The Meigs County Commissioners voted May 18 to open the London Pool in Syracuse this year. Jimmy Will, president of the Meigs County Commissioners stated, “The previous two years data shows the pool took $50,000 to open and the pool recovered $20,000 through admission and rentals.”

The money this year to open the pool will come from the interest from a CD that was renewed at a better rate, according to Will.

An opening date for the pool has not been set. Will said of the opening for the pool it would, “Probably in the beginning of June sometime but we are not sure when the exact date will be at this time”.

Will continued, “It is vital that we try to maintain some summer activities for our youth, including swimming lessons and pool parties at the county’s only pool. It is also vital that the public use the pool.”

According to figures given to the Meigs Independent Press, the pool has lost $30,000 dollars each year in the past two years.

Betty Hoschar, who has been a vocal supporter of the pool, said she was glad the to hear of the decision.

Hoschar suggested the commissioners look at changing how the pool is managed as a cost saving measure. “Well, for starters, he needs to open up a PERS (Public Employee Retirement System) account and pay the lifeguards and everyone without the pool management company. He’s going to save about $20,000 that way.”

Hoschar also suggested selling other food at the concession stand. “I think that we need to definitely start selling hotdogs and such things instead of the prepackaged stuff. They get anywhere from $18,000-$21,000 each year in admissions and concessions. I think that we could have so many things going there to bring in money.”

The concession stand presently does not have on-site food prep facilities for preparing and cooking of food that would be in accordance with health department standards.

Rates for the pool and other information regarding opening was not released at this time.

Meigs County Commissioners Shannon Miller and Zach Manuel were asked about the change with the pool opening but did not respond to questions from the MIP at time of publication.