May 28, 2024

RUTLAND, Ohio — A new ordinance in the Village of Rutland aimed at curbing dog waste left along sidewalks and on private properties was recently passed by a 3-1 vote of the Rutland Village Council, with Council President Stephen Tomek II voting against the ordinance.

Rutland Municipal Code 176.20 becomes effective July 25, 2023, which will require those who own, keep, harbor or have in their supervision a dog to remove fecal waste excreted by that dog on the property of another, including along sidewalks.

“This ordinance was enacted upon the request of our constituency as a measure to curb dog walkers from allowing their dogs to mess on a person’s private property without properly cleaning it up,” comments Mayor Eblin. 

The ordinance additionally enacts Rutland Municipal Code 176.21, which authorizes the Village Street Commissioner to install dog waste stations along Village sidewalks.

“The Village will install dog waste stations in accordance with the ordinance to better assist dog walkers with compliance of the new ordinance,” notes Mayor Eblin.

The ordinance does not require dog owners to remove waste excreted by the dog on the property which is owned by that owner.

Ordinance 2023-07, which enacts Rutland Municipal Code 176.20 and 176.21, was signed into law by Mayor Tyler Eblin on June 15, 2023.

Penalties for violations of the ordinance can include a maximum fine in the amount of $25 on the first offense and $75 on the second offense. Eight hours of community service may be assessed in lieu of a fine.