February 24, 2024

POMEROY, Ohio – A Racine man will be serving three to four and a half years in prison for injuries he caused to a four-month-old child in January 2023.

Devin A. Brown, 29, of Racine entered a guilty plea to endangering children a felony of the second degree. Brown appear in front of Meigs County Common Pleas Court Judge Linda Warner with his attorney Brett Wiseman of Gallipolis. The State was represented by Meigs County Prosecuting Attorney James Stanley. Judge Warner sentenced him to a minimum of three years with the possibility of serving up to four and a half years in prison. Brown also will have community control upon release.

Prosecutor Stanley described the injuries to the child as being consistent with being shaken. During the hearing, Brown admitted to having been under the influence of Fentanyl during the time the child was injured. Brown told the court that he did not remember everything that happened the day the injuries happened, but believes he was responsible for the injuries to the child that was in his care. 

According to Stanley the child was not responsive when brought into the emergency department. Examination of the child showed injuries that consisted of bruising on the head and multiple rib fractures in various stages of healing. There was also bleeding in both eyes and after being seen at Children’s Hospital in Columbus scans revealed multiple brain bleeds. The baby may have life long effects from the incident including possible developmental disabilities.

Brown was originally indicted with one count of felonious assault a felony of the second degree, and one count of endangering children a felony of the second degree. As part of Brown’s  plea agreement the felonious assault charge was dismissed, and he pled guilty to the charge of endangering children. The baby is not his biological child.

The incident happened at a residence in Syracuse on

Brown has two previous felony convictions in Meigs County for safecracking and failure to comply with order or signal of a police officer.

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