July 21, 2024

Rio’s Spanish Certificate Program Recognized as a Model for Spanish Teaching by Ohio Department of Education

McArthur, Ohio – The McArthur Center of Rio Grande Community College has been recognized by the Ohio Department of Education as a model for Spanish teaching education in the state. This prestigious recognition comes as a result of the outstanding success of the Spanish Certificate program.

The program’s inception can be traced back to 2019 at Vinton County High School, where it began as College Credit Plus Spanish courses. Over the years, the program has experienced significant growth, expanding its course offerings and garnering attention for the high number of students successfully completing the courses.

Taking note of the program’s success, the decision was made to establish a comprehensive Spanish Certificate program. This move has proven to be a game-changer, with the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Foreign Language Association acknowledging it as a model for foreign language programming in the state’s public schools.

Misty Napier, Director of McArthur Center, and Gildy Smith, Spanish teacher, played pivotal roles in the development of the innovative curriculum path that allows students to meet the certification requirements seamlessly in the 30-hour program.

“The significance of Spanish language education goes beyond the confines of our local schools,” Napier said. “In an increasingly interconnected world, the demand for Spanish language proficiency is growing in the local, state, national, and global economies. The workforce is experiencing a rising need for Spanish speakers in various sectors, including business, healthcare, and education.”

The recognition from the Ohio Department of Education further solidifies Rio’s commitment to excellence in Spanish teaching education and positions it as a beacon for other educational institutions aiming to enhance their foreign language programs.

For more information on Rio, visit www.rio.edu.